How Gemstones Affect our DreamsHow Gemstones Affect our Dreams
10 Apr.
Since time immemorial gemstones have been renowned for their miraculous powers. The ancients believed that they had the ability to alter processes in the human body and influence nature. As such they were used for magic...
How to Bless Our HomeHow to Bless Our Home
07 Aug.
Blessing a home is a type of consecration, carried out as a celebration for a new home. It is also done after the accumulation of negative energy, such as a death or disease in the home. The home is among the things...
How to Control Our DreamsHow to Control Our Dreams
15 Apr.
When we dream we travel to a much different world. At first glance, our dreams seem completely real. We might dream that we are falling, that we are being chased or even experience erotic adventures. And these dreams...
How to Overcome our Own EgoHow to Overcome our Own Ego
18 Dec.
The ego is blamed for everything - from relationship breakups to the start of wars! Oftentimes, people don't even realize that they are led by it and that it's responsible to a great degree for ruining their lives. In school...
How animals sense danger and save their ownersHow animals sense danger and save their owners
22 Sept.
When it comes to earthquakes or fires, it is understandable, because the animals have developed sensors that sense the coming earthquake or smell the smoke....
How to Interpret Every Room of our Home in our DreamsHow to Interpret Every Room of our Home in our Dreams
15 Dec.
A home in your dream is a clear window into your own notion of the different aspects of your life. In a dream, each room has its own meaning and shows how you see particular aspects of your life. Bedroom It symbolizes...
How to Make Our Brain Function BetterHow to Make Our Brain Function Better
06 July
With regular meditation, your brain improves many of its functions. The consumption of fish has a remarkably beneficial effect on brain activity....
How Do We Increase Our Self-Confidence?How Do We Increase Our Self-Confidence?
23 Apr.
Each one of us may not always feel confident at a given moment - even those people with a high self-assessment stumble at times and feel doubts about the qualities they possess. Self-confidence, high self-assessment and...
How Karma affects finding our true loveHow Karma affects finding our true love
06 Aug.
Everyone comes into this world with a spiritual partner, a soul mate, chosen for them long before they were born. Everyone learns the lesson they have to learn in this life from their true love, before they meet in yet...
How to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our HandHow to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our Hand
28 Mar.
Palmistry is an ancient science, which can decipher human fate not only by the lines on our hand but also by the shape of our hand. The outer side of your hand (posterior) can accurately reveal your strengths and weaknesses...
How Do We Catch Up on Our Sleep?How Do We Catch Up on Our Sleep?
01 Dec.
Many of us try to compensate the lack of sleep throughout the work week during the weekend. It turns out that this is possible but only to a limited extent. Neurologist Dr. Christopher Winter has researched the restorative...
The Silva Method - How to Change Our LivesThe Silva Method - How to Change Our Lives
19 June
The Silva Method was created by psychologist José Silva, who claimed that by using specific techniques, anyone can learn self-help, how to overcome stress, insecurity and bad habits. Silva studied the human ability to...
How much sleep is essential for our health?How much sleep is essential for our health?
15 Dec.
A healthy 7- 8 hours sleep is essential for our health. In early English history, it was condemned that criminals were deprived of sleep. Enforcement of insomnia was used as a form of execution by the Chinese and it is...
Scientists Have Discovered How to Adjust Our Biological ClockScientists Have Discovered How to Adjust Our Biological Clock
06 Aug.
French researchers have discovered that special light can be used to fine-tune our biological clock. The scientists have tested their discovery on themselves in the continent of Antarctica. The most important thing when...
Sleep Improves VocabularySleep Improves Vocabulary
26 June
When parents read stories to their children before bed, this helps them greatly expand their vocabulary, claim French psychologists. Scientists have found that a good night's sleep plays a key role in the brain's ability...