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Scientists Have Discovered How to Adjust Our Biological Clock

Antonia R.Antonia R.

French researchers have discovered that special light can be used to fine-tune our biological clock. The scientists have tested their discovery on themselves in the continent of Antarctica.

The most important thing when adjusting the biological clock is to cover the places that emit natural light, such as windows for example.

The study, led under the guidance of Claude Gronfier from the French Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), shows that specialized artificial light helps in setting the biological clock.

The researchers have tested their discovery at the international polar research facility Concordia during the complete absence of natural sunlight.

The scientists used white light, enriched in blue, in a way in which the blue color would be undetectable by people. The light used is seen only as white.

Blue light

During the 9 weeks of the polar winter, the personnel of the station was successively subjected to either standard white light or white light enriched with blue, but still seen only as white. The personnel did not change their habits during the experiment, including the times they got up and went to bed.

The end results showed however, that during the weeks which the people were subjected to the white light enriched with blue, they increased the time spent sleeping, their motivation, as well as their responsiveness.

The benefits of blue light have already been proven before but only light from LEDs was used at the time. This type of light is difficult to apply in everyday life, because it is incompatible with good vision - announce the lead author of the study.

The scientists recommend for us to change over to this type of lighting for the health, productivity and safety of the people who work in conditions lacking sufficient quality light.

The biological clock, located in the center of the brain and composed of 20 000 neurons, gives us the ability to regulate certain vital functions for a period of 24 hours. It controls sleep, body temperature, pulse, hormonal secretion.