The Most Accurate Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs Until February 6


The week will start off very productively for the representatives of all zodiac signs. This is due to the powerful transformational aspect of Mercury with Pluto. The presence of the Moon in Pisces is going to boost our intuition, provide more depth of feeling and enhance our ability to experience empathy.

Strong transformational processes begun in the early hours of Sunday and will continue until the end of the first half of the new week. The energy with which you feel charged with from the very morning may turn out to be difficult to control and at the end of the day you may discover that you've wasted too much effort in resolving issues that aren't that complex.

Conflicts may arise at the workplace on Tuesday, due to the tense aspect of Mercury with Uranus, which will be felt most sharply on February 1. These conflicts will deepen on February 2 because that's when Mercury enters an even tenser aspect with Jupiter.


Out of spite of everyone who's trying to ruin your good mood and carefully devised plans, this week you're going to enjoy success in your undertakings. You'll easily mark victory after victory, both in the professional and personal aspects. Find time to go out with friends at least one of these evenings, and why not start exercising after putting it off for so long? Watch out for domestic accidents.


Planning has spoken and unlike many of those around you, who are experiencing serious financial difficulties post-holidays, you are handling things beyond well. Now is the time to show your friends your nontypical generous side and help them discretely. Don't hang out with friends to the point where you start suffering from serious lack of sleep toward the end of the week.


In this dynamic and eventful week that's coming, you're going to enjoy a well-deserved rest. It's time to take a deep breath and indulge in the fruits of your labor. Those of you who partake in creative activities are going to be invited to publicize your works, while some Gemini are even going to receive a tempting proposal for new career development.


You're going to receive unexpected financial proceeds to make you start daydreaming, but not about little things or gifts, rather about a business plan long in the making. You have many ideas that remain unrealized due to a lack of finances and now one of them is going to get its chance. Watch out for deceptive well-wishers, who are going to try to trick you.


You're among those zodiac signs who are going to have prominent problems with your finances this week. Your generosity these past few days has really thinned out your wallet, so don't be surprised if you find yourself asking for a short-term loan from friends at the end of the week, in order to salvage the situation. Be especially careful when handling documents these next few days, so you don't end up making a mistake that costs you dearly.


You feel overloaded with energy that's practically jetting out of you. You're going to charge everyone around you with enthusiasm. Perhaps this is the time to sign up for a sport or make your first winter mountain trek. But do not go alone under any circumstances, instead invite your friends - this way you'll have more reasons worth celebrating. Expect pleasant news toward the end of the week.


Subconsciously, you're feeling that this week you have the opportunity to do something truly great and important, all that's asked of you is to focus and not underestimate the details. Even though the first few days you're going to feel incredibly tense and overwhelmed with work to some extent, from midweek to its end, your mood will lighten up and you're going to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Your apprehensive nature may play a bad joke on you during the first half of the week. A rashly make decision or spoken word may turn out to be fatal, both in the professional and personal aspects. You're advised to tone things down and be particularly careful when handling documents and finances. Try to get a rein on your impatience and temper.


The stars have conspired to watch over you this week and everything you take up will be met with success. Many of you Sagittarii may receive unexpected financial proceeds or winnings from gambling games. Everything is running smoothly in the personal aspect; it's even possible that singles of this sign receive a romantic invitation during the 2nd half of the week.


Led by your intuition, you're going to achieve great success in your work tasks today. With just a few strategic moves you'll manage to untangle a twisted situation that's been hindering your projects for several months now. Things aren't too rosy in the personal aspect, bearing in mind the fact that this week you'll once again have to work overtime, stealing from the time you're meant to spend with your family. But at least your hard work will pay off.


You're completely devoted to your career and pouring all of your energy into it. This week you'll be deeply affected by the intuitive Pisces and it's going to show. It's possible that those Aquarians who are involved in the arts create a true masterpiece. Be more conservative in the efforts you're investing at the workplace, otherwise you're going to feel quite exhausted and emotionally drained toward the end of the week.


You're going to get invited to a high-profile event that you simply have to attend. There you'll meet people who are going to play an important role in your future professional development. Your creative energy is in full swing, you've never been this productive. Try to also set aside a little time for those around you who love you because you've been ignoring them more and more lately, which may lead to tension.

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