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Fall Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs


Astronomical fall in the Northern Hemisphere began on September 23rd this year, with changes occurring in the star map the next few months that will affect all of the zodiac signs.

Aries - Successes in your profession

For representatives of the star sign of Aries the 3 months of fall will be extremely beneficial to their career. Their achievements at the workplace will not go unnoticed by their bosses and they'll be given a raise. But because of their focus at work their romantic relationship will suffer.

Taurus - Difficult choices lie ahead

You'll have to make important decisions this fall, with often more than one possible choice available, making it that much harder for you. Some of the changes will be successful while others will be a complete failure. This may innerve you but try not to dump your negative emotions on loved ones.

Gemini - Prepare yourself for surprises


Professionally, the events around you will be stable but it's possible for you to often feel exhausted and washed out. The monotonous daily routine will demotivate you briefly but then a whole lot of surprises lie in store, especially in the love aspect.

Cancer - You'll travel a lot

Fall for you will be met with a lot of travels. You'll visit places that you've only dreamed of up until recently. During the next few months you'll grow closer to your friends and family, while also determining which people you can really trust.

Leo - You'll remain firm

Fall will be prosperous for you and you'll be able to hold on to what you've already achieved throughout the season. You're plenty motivated and energetic to achieve even more but for now you must stick to the sure thing, in order to be more relaxed.

Virgo - Good events will alternate with bad ones

Expect rises and falls during the next 3 months. There's no way for you to plan events, while the situations getting out of control will bring a ton of turmoil to daily life. All you need to do is maintain your positive outlook, be happy or learn from everything that's happening to you.

Libra - A period of partying and fun

Frequent gatherings with friends and acquaintances, parties and fun - this is what fall 2015 is looking to be like for you. The only thing that might anger you during the next few months is the little problems at work.


Scorpio - Expect financial losses

The new upcoming season will not be at all easy for you. Your friends and relatives will help you get through the hard losses you'll be forced to experience. This is not the time to portray excessive pride, while you can seek aid during the tough times.

Sagittarius - Steady months ahead

The next few months won't cause you any type of big troubles. You can devote yourself to a well-deserved break and travel. In love and at the workplace, everything will be going according to plan and you can rest assured there won't be any serious problems.

Capricorn - The upcoming months will not be easy

The autumn months won't exactly be the most pleasant for you. A great many of your plans will fall through. But you shouldn't punish loved ones or your partner for this taxing period. Try to keep your emotions in check and take care of your health.

Aquarius - Maintain your positive outlook

There won't be any shortage of problems for you in the upcoming months. But if you're able to maintain your positive mindset, you'll overcome the obstacles easily. Very exciting moments lie ahead on the love front, since your partner has come up with different surprises to make you happy.

Pisces - You'll work more than usual

Fall will be filled with obligations for you. You'll have to work more than usual so that you'll be ready with your tasks on time. At the moment, you'll have to ignore your friends and family so you can focus on your responsibilities.