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The Most Indecisive Zodiac Signs

Jana G.Jana G.
Indecisive Zodiac Signs

The representatives of the various zodiac signs have fundamentally different characters. Some of them stand out with unbelievable boldness, others simply follow fate itself and never dare step outside the beaten path.

Persons such as this simply cannot make a decision and are constantly asking loved ones, as well as complete strangers, for their advice. And despite the advice they receive they still have difficulties in coming to a decision. And when they finally do they are tormented by doubt about whether or not they chose correctly.


Those born under the sign of Aries are one of the most decisive representatives of the zodiac. They are initiative and daring and you'll rarely find them hesitating about something.

Taureans easily make decisions because they are temperate and never lack any emotionality. Geminis are known to have a hard time making decisions. They hesitate a lot because they frequently change their mood. Their nerves are unstable and they always wonder about what the best possible choice is, especially when they're forced to act quickly.


Persons born under the sign of Cancer find it challenging to stick to their decision, once made. They tend to make a particular choice and then change it. After, they go back to their initial decision once again.

Leo, also known as the kingly sign, frequently feels apprehension when it comes to making an important decision that will change something in his life. He loves changes but not ones that are unpredictable. That's why he finds it problematic to make a decision, although others would never know it.

Virgos are refined and sensitive but possess a rational mind that enables them to come to the right decision at the right time. Libras always hesitate when trying to decide something, they can't figure out what the best possible choice is.


Scorpio makes decisions easily, he's always adamant and quick to react. He has a good intuition and orients himself in the situation in no time.

Sagittarius also makes decisions easily but before he does so definitively he manages to briefly weigh all pros and cons in his mind.

Capricorn is a sign for whom reason is superior to feelings. This helps in coming to decisions. Aquarians also decide easily, for they are tempered and believe that their decisions are always the correct ones.

Those born under the sign of Pisces are exceptionally emotional. They are always pondering what decision to make in whatever situation they may be in and despite their powerful intuition they try to listen the voice of reason.

This leads to a clash and often Pisces can't make any decision whatsoever. Usually, someone close to them makes the decision for them.