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Horoscope for All Signs Until February 21


Starting February 17, Venus transitions into the sign of Aquarius, while Mars in Scorpio will create harmonic aspects, which will allow more freedom in communication and redistribute the energy so that we're more consistent in our tasks.

Aries - The changes are for the better

Each change will bring you successes in the new week - a new job, a new place to live. Don't postpone the new things, be more actively engaged in completing them and you won't be sorry. Remain calm, even if small new problems appear because everything will turn out to your benefit at the end. In the days until February 21, you'll feel happiest among friends and you can organize meetings with them in your free time.


Taurus - You'll create more contacts

You going to have one dynamic week in your communication with others. You'll have more need of contacts and up until February 21 you'll find it easier to form such. You'll be true masters of speech. So don't miss the opportunities and boldly have your say during business presentations and meetings. You can count on your friends and coworkers for support. In love, everything will go smoothly as well.

Gemini - A week filled with love awaits

A lucky star will shine on your love relationships this week. If you can, take some time off work and go on a short vacation with your beloved. You'll both feel much closer than ever. If you're still looking for a partner, this week is your chance to fall in love. You'll enjoy better communication with others in the days until February 21. All activities related to education will be successful.

Cancer - Rest more

The entire week will be a calm one - without huge problems and concerns. Take a break and leave the more serious tasks for next week. Plan your tasks for the future and think about what you can do to change the routine of the past few months. Only your passiveness can boycott your professional and personal growth. Be bolder in your decisions and you'll see positive results shortly.

Leo - Be more tolerant of others

Be more well-meaning and tolerant toward others and you'll have a fine week ahead. Try to understand others' point of view and don't impose your own at all costs. Conceit won't be to your benefit, so try to look at disputes from a new perspective and make compromises. The week is appropriate for clearing up misunderstandings with your partner. Singles will see progress along the love front with new and interesting people that they'll meet.

Virgo - An excellent week at work

The week will be an excellent one in the professional sense. You'll work in a more relaxed and stable environment and those of you who have long been waiting for a raise will receive it this week. Persons looking for work will have more opportunities. Visit more social events during the weekend, where you'd be able to meet interesting people. Set aside some time for spiritual activities, such as reading books and yoga.


Libra - Set aside more time for family

Pay better attention to your family during the new week. If you have a serious and solid relationship, spend your free time at home with your sweetheart. For singles the week is ideal for more parties and an active social life. You will have the complete freedom to have fun and meet new people. At work focus primarily on projects that have to do with signing contracts, with negotiations and presentations.

Scorpio - Be active and exercise

You must not yield to monotony and laziness under any circumstances throughout the week. You can turn your life for the better if you get active and take up things that fulfill you. Restrain your anger this week because foolishly spoken words and hasty decisions will hinder you. Find time to exercise more and for other physical activities. Look for new opportunities and don't miss every single chance for change.

Sagittarius - Bring variety to your routine

The new week is giving you an opportunity for growth if you bring some variety to your daily life, instead of following the usual routine. Changes may have financial repercussions as well but you shouldn't invest all of your energy in work alone. Anything having to do with work and education will be successful, as long as you plan them well. Collaboration and understanding with your colleagues will dominate at the workplace. But don't go too far with criticism and complaints.

Capricorn - Expect more money

You'll be primarily dealing with financial issues in the week until February 21. Your work during the past few weeks will bear fruit and you may soon receive a sum of money you've earned. The week is perfect for new purchases, even solid ones such as a new home. When it comes to love, you'll have to show more patience towards your beloved and seek their cooperation in your tasks.

Aquarius - Your friends will call you more than usual


You won't be bored during the new week. You'll hang out a lot, primarily with friends. They'll be calling you more than usual, while your conversations with loved ones will have a stimulating effect and charge you with energy. Your work tasks will also run smoothly, plus you can rely on the support on part of your coworkers. Singles will attract the attention of the opposite sex with ease, while those in a relationship will enjoy great romance.

Pisces - Set aside more time for yourself

Dedicate this week to resting and find more time for yourself. Look for inspiration in something new and do only what brings you joy. This will help you expel the stress and tension. You can sign up for yoga or meditate. Carefully choose the people with whom you communicate. What out for the negative and aggressive people that would only have a bad influence on you.