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What is intuition?

Nina NordNina Nord

Intuition is considered a lightning of revelation - these are instinctive judgments that prove to be correct. There are people with highly developed intuition, which helps them in difficult situations and decisions.

Many people improve their psychological mastery of making very quick decisions, which at first glance seem instinctive and intuitive.

In practice, however, they are based on extremely fast data analysis. Very often it is these decisions that are more accurate than the extended rational analysis.

Prevalent opinion is that blind people have strong senses, especially hearing. But this is not true. Blind people have more strongly expressed feelings.

But blind people are often able to make better use of experience gained over the years to express their feelings. For example, when walking in a room based on sensory perception and walking to the voice of man, the blind often use intuition to make very quick and useful calculations.

People are able to develop intuition to help their feelings, or to work better. Listen to your inner voice every time you make a choice.


Turn off your mind for a while and unleash your inner voice. No matter how tempting a proposal, if you feel uncomfortable, if something tells you that this is not your ideal choice, it is better to quit.

Your mind contains only your personal experience, and is very limited. Your subconscious mind is limitless. If you need to get advice, or something you need to think of, trust your intuition.

Take a few minutes for reflection and try to get answers from your intuition. Sit back and relax and not less than ten times repeat: "Now my intuition would tell me..." Feel how your intuition is trying to help.

There is no need to do whatever it is we are doing, besides our usual work, go for a walk or take a shower. The answer will come, without taking any effort.

You can imagine your intuition as a wise old man or beautiful girl from whom you want advice in difficult situations. This is a very good way to develop children's intuition.

You can train your intuition with a deck of cards. You have to be alone in the room, get a map and listen to their inner voice, to know what it is - diamonds, spades, hearts or clubs. Remove one by one all the cards. This will help you feel when you listen to your inner voice.