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The Zodiac Signs That Lie the Most

Jana G.Jana G.

The different zodiac signs lie in different ways and to different degrees. Geminis lie a lot but if you ask them, this is simply their favorite game. Geminis lie expertly from an early age.

Virgos lie from time to time but not very convincingly. They worry about the fact that they're lying, they flush, stutter and don't achieve the desired result.

Capricorns lie whenever they need to make an impression. For them, lying is a way to convince people of their high material and social status.


Leos lie royally, with a great gusto. They remember every detail of their conceived lie, which would be difficult to expose. Leos lie in order to hide their emotions.

Aries lies in order to avoid an unpleasant situation. This applies to times when he is required to do something he doesn't want to - then he comes up with an excuse.

Cancers do not like to lie. They resort to lying only if they need to spare the feelings of those close to them. For representatives of this zodiac sign, it's characteristic to lie to their child that the dog has a new owner, instead of telling them that it has died of old age.


Pisces lie a lot but according to them, they are simply trying to imbed reality in the world of their fantasies. Pisces easily recognize a lie, since they are familiar with the methods of it.

Scorpio lies only when they need to solidify the impression they've made in the person sitting across from them. Oftentimes, Scorpio lies so as to gain material benefits.

Sagittarius lies with a passion but without much sense, mainly about little things, which infuriates loved ones, since they easily expose him.

For Taurus, lying is an art form. He weaves a web of lies in order to induce the emotions he desires in his listeners. Often a Taurus will lie in order to turn down a favor for a friend.

Libras do not like to lie, for them a lie is a way to prove to the world that everything in their life is under their control.

Aquarius does not lie, he simply does not tell the whole truth, in order not to feel like a liar. Aquarius cannot stand the occasions when he feels that he himself was lied to.