The Zodiac Signs with the Most Difficult Characters
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The Zodiac Signs with the Most Difficult Characters

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Astrologers have listed the 5 zodiac signs with the most difficult character, with which it is hard to get along with. Despite the negative traits that every zodiac sign possesses, these signs are the ones with the most problematic characters.


Top spot in this negative list goes to the sign of Scorpio. The culprit for Scorpios' difficult character is mainly their jealousy, due to which they often punish their partners. Further, Scorpios are remarkably vindictive and unforgiving and it is a real challenge to remain with them. Whenever a Scorpio decides to get revenge, he will do it in the most hurtful way possible.



Aries claim second place. Representatives of this astrological sign are highly conflicting and aggressive, capable of insulting people without caring if they're right or wrong. Aries is terribly stubborn and rarely compromises when it comes to his requests, quite often trying to impose his view in the roughest way possible.


Third place among the signs with the most difficult characters belongs to Gemini. Even though Gemini appear particularly social and radiant, their character is also not among one of the easiest to deal with. Representatives of this sign are awfully hypocritical and you can expect all kinds of devious tricks from them to be done behind your back. In addition, they have no qualms about lying to you, thereby making them impossible to trust.



Aquarius falls into fourth place. Aquarii can also pass for an easygoing personality but once you get to know them you will be left unpleasantly surprised by their inconsiderateness and awful conceit. Often, an Aquarius's appearance is extremely scandalous and discernible from that of the others. Representatives of Aquarius are highly unpredictable and it is almost impossible to tame them.


Fifth in this negative list are Capricorns. Their stubbornness coupled with their inborn workaholism makes communicating with them especially difficult. Representatives of this astrological sign stay away from people who they think aren't on their level. If you're in love with a Capricorn, you need to be ready for many compromises.