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The Four Most Cruelly Vengeful Zodiac Signs


Every zodiac sign reacts in its own different way when they are insulted or hurt. Some of them manage to keep their cool and are always above things, some quickly forgive and forget but the revenge of others is so destructive that it can blow you away in seconds. With that in mind, never ever hurt anyone born under one of the following star signs.


Scorpios top the list of the most dangerously vengeful! Representatives of this "poisonous" sign are the gods of disputes, the true masters of drama. Even stepping on their toes unintentionally leads them to spiteful outbursts and assault. You won't get away with just a few verbal attacks.

If you anger or hurt a Scorpio, he will "sting" you mercilessly. Unfortunately, they often take it out on those they hold dearest.


Pisces get insulted way too easily because they are exceptionally sensitive. Even if they don't show their bitterness at first, rest assured that even in 5 years they'll still remember the exact time and place you hurt them.


Pisces' revenge does not compare to that of Scorpios' but they are also quite crafty. When someone hurts them they begin to tell everyone how bad that person is. They'll make sure everyone you know, your relatives and distant acquaintances find out that you struck an especially low blow.


You need nerves of steel to anger a Taurus but even then, in the end, you'll be the only one that's pulling your hair out. While he sits there with all of his temper and restraint, simply watching your theatrics.

But if you're so unrelenting as to manage to hurt Taurus's feelings, poor you! The person who has insulted him can expect some very bad times from there on out. Their greatest revenge is the total ignoring and complete dismissal of anyone who has ever betrayed them once.


It's not wise to piss off a Capricorn, especially if you have any contact with him on a daily basis! They get revenge on the spot and know exactly how so that it's as painful as possible.

They'll start arguments, act disparagingly for weeks, even months, constantly hammering down your mistake, and plus there will be plenty of "hits below the belt".