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Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs Until the End of November


This Thursday, the Full Moon phase will enter the sign of Gemini, while a precise conjunction forms between the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius, making the week until the end of November very pleasant for some zodiac signs.

Aries - you need to make decisions about your future

Throughout the new week you'll have to deal with important issues regarding your future. You'll contemplate whether to stay at your current job or take a different path. Fate will help you get the correct answer, so be on the lookout for any signs that will provide a hint for your next successful step. In love you'll feel torn apart between your desire to please your beloved and follow your own interests.

Taurus - you receive useful information

The week will bring you lots of new information that will be of great help in managing your finances. Be prepared for truths that will reveal your hidden talents. At work you need to organize more seriously, in order to handle all of your tasks. Avoid gossip and drama behind your coworkers' backs. Your love relationship has need of changes, so think about what you can do with your partner.

Gemini - you must provide clarity to your tasks

The full moon in your sign on the 26th will drive you to bring more clarity into your personal and professional relationships. You'll have to be more serious and responsible, since important tasks await you. Let go of your naive point of view and look at events from their unpleasant side as well, in order to solve your problems. Your tasks will exhaust you physically and emotionally, leading you to forget about your partner your partner for a bit.

Cancer - expect a lot of work and conflicts

You'll have to adjust to numerous changes this week. Assignments at work will flood in one after the other but you shouldn't take up too many of them, otherwise you'll get over exhausted from the very beginning of the week. Set aside time for a break, in which you can relax doing things you enjoy. Conflicts are possible with your love partner. Even though you are highly emotional people, it's best if your feelings take a backseat in your arguments and you be more rational.


Leo - your assessment becomes sober and clear

Your thoughts will clear up in the final week of November and this will help you better assess the situations and people around you. You'll see reality as it is and nothing will get in the way of the sober assessment. You'll feel exceptionally comfortable financially and professionally but you will need to solve some old problems in these fields. Expect a period of awakening in the romantic aspect, as you'll come to realize in the coming weeks that the person you are with is not suitable for you.

Virgo - you face a serious dilemma

You'll be faced with a serious dilemma in the new week. An issue of significant import will require you to take a definitive position but you won't find this easy by any means. You have to rely on your analytical thinking. Even if it takes you a while to come to a decision, be sure to make one and not be passive. You'll have more need of time alone to think and as such you'll ignore your friends and partner.

Libra - expect a ton of surprises

Expect a whole lot of surprises, to which you'll react in a way you've never reacted before. Creativity will bring you new successes and even if you're not working in a creative field, use creative thought to make work easier. Any uncertainty will clear up and this will help you move forward. Expect many twists in the love aspect as well. You may form a love triangle with your partner or a life issue may bring serious conflict between you.

Scorpio - think back to your old dreams

Your imagination will be at peak levels during the new week and you should use it to realize dreams you may have forgotten about. Briefly step away from reality and dream about the goals you really want to achieve. If you have creative talent, use it in the next few days. Your talent may not earn you any money at the moment but by using it you'll bring inspiration and happiness to your life. Don't cling too tightly to your partner so you don't create problems.

Sagittarius - chaos will rule your everyday life


Peace and quiet will elude you this entire week because the events will confuse you and instill chaos into your daily life. Seek the aid of a loved one and let your feelings lead you in the right direction. Your point of view will clash with another's position. Signing up for a class or seminar based on spiritual development is suitable. In love relations you'll experience full harmony since you'll be the one controlling events.

Capricorn - rest more

Find more time for solitude during this week. Stay home during your days off and take care of yourself, forget about parties for a bit. Completely free yourself from serious engagements and spend the majority of your time in a calm and cozy atmosphere. Don't push events, let everything happen on its own.

Aquarius - the week will be successful

You have the opportunity to successfully finish all of your projects this week. You'll enjoy the fruits of your labor and this will bring you tremendous satisfaction. Be more focused when it comes to your finances and keep a close eye on your spending. You're given the opportunity to shine with your abilities. As far as romance goes, you may meet a new person whom you'll feel strong sympathies toward.

Pisces - be active and surround yourself with loved ones

Be more active and take a definitive position on everything that's happening, instead of going with the flow, no matter how tempting this may be. You'll feel lazier but you have to seriously get started with your tasks. Meet up with nice people if you find yourself feeling sad and bitter. Your loved ones will inspire you and make you look at the positive side of life.