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New Moon in Taurus - Time to Make a Wish

Antonia R.Antonia R.

At 04:13 UTC this morning, the new moon phase occurred in the zodiac sign of Taurus, creating the perfect atmosphere for wishes related to the earth sign to come true.

May 18 is a day for new beginnings and renewal. Write your wishes on a piece of paper, then visualize them, so as to give symbolic life to these images and put them out there in space.

It is believed that a thought in this form is a sure way to make the dream come true.

Wishes belonging to the aspect of Taurus will come true today - money, material comfort, new acquisitions, patience, trust, the building of consistency and security.

When writing down a wish, do so in such a way that you won't be affecting the life of anyone else, else they won't come true.

Examples include: I want to win money easily and joyfully by the end of the week. I want to attract more situations of material comfort by the end of the year. I want patience and consistency to come into every aspect of my life by the end of the month.


The first 8 hours since the onset of the new moon hold the greatest power and it is recommended to write down your wishes within that time frame. Also don't forget to visualize your wishes so that you're sure they are realized exactly as you would like.

The new moon in Taurus will guide our attention to our ownership. It will be typical for us to rely more on the present and stability, instead of looking for adventure and risking our security.

The moon phase this month brings patience and calm, while those who try to run from these will be met with difficulties. If you would like an easier time, focus on your own needs such as delicious food and new possessions.

The earth sign will bring us the enjoyment of beautiful items so we can allow ourselves more personal comfort. Taurus satisfies material needs and there is a possibility for most of the other signs to have a period where they gain possessions.