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Achieve harmony through Ayurveda


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Achieve harmony through Ayurveda

Founded more than 5000 years ago, Ayurveda is considered the oldest form of healing - physical and spiritual. It is a sacred science, which aims to contribute to the balance between body, mind and spirit for optimal quality life.

Ayurveda can be used to treat many of today's ailments such as headaches, hair loss and obesity. The foundations of the method are adequate nutrition, exercise and seasonal activities for the balance of the body. Follow these steps to learn to achieve the desired harmony.

Achieve harmony through Ayurveda


Practice yoga. Yoga exercises are considered "sister" of Ayurveda, and have many benefits to studying them. The expected results are improvements of consciousness, physical health, spiritual strength and ability to cope with stress. Yoga is also recommended for people whose searches are related to the exaltation of spirit.

Explore different types of yoga, to determine which type most suits your purposes. There are many varieties, but most popular are "Buckram Yoga", "Lien-gar yoga", "Ashtanga Yoga" and "Vinni yoga".

For practicing yoga, there are many important accompanying games. Like the teacher (coach). It is important to feel comfortable with them, to allow the real perception of physics and philosophy of yoga. If you do not want to attend yoga classes, yoga can be practiced at home. Today there are many videos and writing exercises posted on the web. The books are also suitable tutorials.


Meditate to clear your mind and improve your mind. Ayurveda fully supports meditation. It helps to know your self better, which in turn leads to better health, improved intelligence and strengthening intuition.

Find meditation techniques that are best suited for you. There are many types of meditation. They can basically be classified into two main groups - the daily meditation and sensual meditation.

Daily meditation is practiced in a specific time of day to relax and uplift the spirit. Sensual meditation techniques or thorough experiencing, is practiced consistently, in every activity performed.