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Full Moon in Leo or How to Make the Most of Today

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Full Moon

At 6:21 pm GMT today, the full moon will shine in the sign of Leo, which will pour additional energy and strength into everything we have planned. In order to make the most of today, get in touch with your creative and generous side.

Since the full moon is in Leo, it's possible that we're a bit more careless and distracted today, which is why it's not advisable to get busy with any serious work.

Leave your obligations for another day, while you try to have fun today and focus on whatever gives you pleasure.

The mood will be an airy and cheerful one today and you may feel the need to get creative in all sorts of ways.

Today you can visit museums, galleries, theaters, cinemas, circuses, music clubs or organize a get-together with friends.


Spontaneity and acting naturally will guide you in the best way possible on this day. Don't worry about showing your real emotions and desires because they can lead you to an important insight into life.

This full moon will allow us to reveal our true self in order to develop our character, instead of hiding it beneath made up roles.

The new moon phase in Leo also conceals a danger of dramatizing events. We may be more emotional than usual or react hastily, then regret our words or actions later.

Be cautious when it comes to flirting and romantic infatuations today because you may create the wrong impression and mislead someone you care about.

Leo will help you in anything related to public speaking, creativity, leadership, celebrations, fame and generosity. You can stand in the spotlight with confidence and demonstrate your talent.

Leo manages to attract the attention of others with ease, provoking their admiration by being bold enough to become the center of attention.