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What Does a Broken Mirror Foretell?

cracked or broken mirror

A broken mirror brings bad luck and this is a superstition from ancient times. In ancient China, it was believed that a broken mirror takes away the energy of the person who looks at the pieces. Therefore, you should not look at yourself in a cracked mirror.

In addition, a broken mirror predicts seven years of unhappy love. To get rid of this, take one of the pieces without looking at it, wrap it in a piece of red cloth and bury it outside of the city, near a tall tree. This way, you will neutralize the effect of the broken mirror and you will not have long years of misfortunes in love.

If you break a mirror that is very large, it is strictly forbidden to use any of its pieces as a small mirror. This will attract misfortunes in the home.

When you break a mirror, it's a good idea to pick up all the pieces, even the smallest ones, without touching them with your hands - using a shovel and a broom. Then you have to pour water on them and throw them away packed in a red bag.

When you return home from a long trip, you should look in the mirror and smile at it. If for some reason the mirror is cracked, even just in one place, wrap it in a cloth, so that you don't look into it and it's best to throw it away.

Pregnant women are not recommended to look in the mirror during pregnancy and three days after giving birth. There is a belief, that this way the balance between our world and the spirit world can be disturbed. So that a pregnant woman can still know how she looks, she can use a small make-up mirror.

Two people should never look at each other in the same mirror, because they will fight forever. It is recommended to look in the mirror, so that you can also see another person if you think, that they are planning something bad against you. In this position, you will see that person's face slightly distorted in the mirror.

All mirrors at home should be hung in such a way, that they do not cut off the top of the head of the reflection of even the tallest member of your family. According to ancient beliefs, this cuts off luck and after looking in such mirror, the day will not be successful.