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Love Advice from Peter Deunov

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The spiritual teacher Peter Deunov has held countless lectures pertaining to different aspects of human life. One of them was dedicated to love, where he gave invaluable advice for a harmonious and fulfilling emotional connection. Here's what he said:

Thought is capable of control. If you love someone way too much and constantly think about them, you are causing them harm. This makes them anxious. Love means letting the person have peace and wanting only the best for them.

Whenever you want to be loved, you must not have doubts. If you want to love, you must not be afraid.

In our world there is physical love. When experienced, it brings great changes. Anyone who wants to feel it must be ready to bear happiness, as well as sorrow.

Know that a love that cannot withstand all the challenges in life is not true love. And do not feel regrets about it.

Peter Deunov

The biggest mistake is to be afraid of lies in love. Love is not afraid of lies. The sun is the same for all, even if some commit crimes.

Whenever you want love you must be ready for something more than sacrifice. Sacrifice, on its own, is simply a rule by which we atone our sins. Love requires more.

A person must be ready to sacrifice everything in the world for love. One must see the beautiful in all contradictions.

Love cannot be desired. Whoever desires it has no love within themselves.

The feeling of love excludes any type of force. It is in effect only when the relations are completely consensual. Putting love in shackles is the most culpable type of ignorance.

Couple in Love

If you carry love within you, you will always be accepted with open arms no matter where you go. You are filled with peace, happiness and glee.

A person who is loved is transformed. For them it is no longer important that they are ignorant, or poor, or a sinner - they are filled with love.

The ultimate mission of every person in this world is to find the one who loves them, and who they can love.

In the law of love, little is said and much is done.

And remember - the weak cannot love. You are strong only when you love.