Love Potions

Love Potions

Love potions tend to magnetically attract the opposite sex. Some charm using smell, others have to be drunk to work their magic. For centuries, it has been believed that chamomile helps in love affairs.


Love Spells

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Love Spells - Mandrake Magic and the Occult

Mandrake Magic and the Occult


Mandrake is one of the most important occult plants. Mandrake is the mysterious plant used for occult rituals. The root of the mandrake was used by black magicians for black magic.

Love Spells - Strongest love spells

Strongest love spells


Strong magic for love and happiness is made by Africans using attributes, concentrating energy upon your desires and therefore, these were its vectors.

Love Spells - Love spells with candles

Love spells with candles


Love spells with candles are spread among many nations, but must be done very carefully, if you do not want to turn the spell against yourself.

Love Spells - The flowers have magical powers in love spells

The flowers have magical powers in love spells


The rose is the most powerful magic love flower, say experts. If you have not met you companion in life: pink pieces of paper spread with tea helps to see the companion of your life.

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