Amulets - Power and Effect


According to the explanatory dictionaries, amulets are bags of things that prevent evil, or are intended to bring happiness.

Amulets are small, tight laced leather or string bags of red skin that sorcerers or wizards wear around their neck or waist.

They can be left to hang on a tree, so the ground around it will take effect, or to be left in the home.

It is believed that in the bedroom, an amulet is most effective. And if it is maintained for evil, it can bring death. The reason is the general belief that when a person sleeps, he is absolutely defenseless. Bring an object to protect you from negative influences.

magic Amulets

Often, an amulet placed on the spot, in which the who must endure its power passes. These amulets contain one, three, five, seven, nine or thirteen parts of a spell.

They are gems, herbs, sulfur powder, pins, needles, hare feet, magnets, scarab beetles, horseshoes, cut nails, photographs, hair, dice, or fake coins.

Objects in amulets are usually smeared with oil. This greatly increases their power for love, lust, revenge or whatever the spell was for.

In amulets can be placed stones, which are considered valuable or profitable and those that can be dangerous for human health.

When employed as charms, herbs generally have properties opposite to their normal routine. That is the opposite of their therapeutic action.

Carnations hanging on the neck support friendship. Lavender supports sexual energy. A magnolia tree - family happiness.

Most powerful amulets are those which serve black magic and witches and cause irreparable misfortune and the most severe disease and there is no way to stop the sinister action of using grave dirt or a nail from a coffin. Sometimes they are supported by a piece of the wing or ear of a bat.

Rather a classic evil amulets are considered needles and pins, sulfur and arabic gum. They are actually the most appreciated by skilled wizards and witches.