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Folk Beliefs about Salt and SugarFolk Beliefs about Salt and Sugar
17 Oct.
Salt is seen as a symbol of wisdom and purity, which is why it it is commonly used in magic rituals for getting rid of negative energy....
Crazy Traditions Which Some Birthday Celebrants Uphold for LuckCrazy Traditions Which Some Birthday Celebrants Uphold for Luck
09 May
But a single tug isn't enough if you wish to have luck, so this ritual is repeated by everyone who brings you a gift for you birthday....
Archaeologists Find Second StonehengeArchaeologists Find Second Stonehenge
16 Sept.
Gaffney's team is still trying to determine whether the newly found monument was part of one gigantic ritual complex along with Stonehenge or was a separate sacred complex altogether....
Love Divination with ApplesLove Divination with Apples
04 Nov.
One little-known Slavic divination ritual can be done using apples. This method can be used at any time during the year, in contrast to Christmas Eve divination and other holiday rituals....
History of the Crete CivilizationHistory of the Crete Civilization
09 July
Ritual bull leaping was highly popular on the island. But unlike modern corrida, only young girls participated in the Cretan rituals by going out into the arena and dancing around the infuriated animals....
Divination with FlowersDivination with Flowers
14 Oct.
The key thing about the process of divining with flowers is to take the ritual seriously, with faith, and then the beautiful plants will reveal their secrets....
If you`re Unlucky in Love, These Astrological Methods will HelpIf you`re Unlucky in Love, These Astrological Methods will Help
04 July
Read on and see what kinds of rituals to perform on which Lunar calendar days. 1....
Juju MagicJuju Magic
15 Feb.
Contrary to popular belief and despite the linguistic similarities, it should be noted that there's absolutely no relation between the so widely popular voodoo magic and juju magic....
Cats and witchcraftCats and witchcraft
10 Sept.
Widespread in South Africa, the voodoo religion includes important roles for cats. According to ancient folklore, cats have opportunities to seek disease....
Cannibals Detained in Papua New GuineaCannibals Detained in Papua New Guinea
28 Aug.
"Once the murderers cut off the heads of their victims they took them with them to later use in magic rituals. We cannot allow this to continue....
Stonehenge is designed for a sound illusionStonehenge is designed for a sound illusion
05 Jan.
There was probably a need for special rituals that were performed in the center of the circle and they required concentration....
How to Peer Into the Future Using CoinsHow to Peer Into the Future Using Coins
08 Dec.
If you're worried about something or are sick, it would be better to leave the coin ritual for another day....
African Exorcist: Beautiful Women are Possessed by Demons More OftenAfrican Exorcist: Beautiful Women are Possessed by Demons More Often
07 June
The individuals who perform the ritual are clergy or have some type of special powers....
NASA Photographs 8000-Year-Old SwastikaNASA Photographs 8000-Year-Old Swastika
26 Nov.
Scientists believe that the new find might be able to reveal new details about the ancient rituals in the area but so far their efforts in deciphering the glyphs have been agonizingly slow....
The Healing Power of MandrakeThe Healing Power of Mandrake
01 Oct.
There are many existing rituals that use mandrake. Some of them are for love - according to various sources, the root of the plant is divided into male and female....

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