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This is What Archaeologists Discovered in Central Ljubljana

Ljubljana Digsite
Image: Neza Lostek

Archaeologists have uncovered something quite fascinating in Slovenia - the remains of a Roman cemetery in the central parts of Ljubljana that date back to the 4th century.

Until recently, researchers posited that a road once wound through the region, reaching the Roman settlement of Emona. Subsequently, however, it turned out that the zone was quite more intriguing.

During excavation, the remains indicated that long ago, there stood temples with impressive architecture and beautiful decoration.

Slovenia Digsite
Image: Neza Lostek

But that's not all. Beneath the mosaic-decorated flooring, archaeologists came across sarcophagi with human remains. It is these that have led experts to believe that the Romans conducted burial rituals before constructing the temples themselves.

It is further theorized that individuals belonging to more prominent Christian communities were laid to rest in the cemetery in question.

Archaeologists consider their find a noteworthy one because they had never before found traces of that kind of architecture within the territory of today's Ljubljana.