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Aborigine Stone Brings Troubles to its Owner


The ritual stone of Australian aborigines, called Churinga, brings troubles and misfortune to its owner.

One of the people convinced of the sinister powers of the stone is pastor Potter from Sydney, Australia. His father-in-law bequeathed to him a strange stone with a perfect shape - a teardrop, 11 3/4″ (30 cm) in length and of a crystal light blue color.

The pastor decided to keep the stone by the fireplace in his home. Which turned out to be a fatal mistake. The family suffered devastation by a multitude of diseases, and strange things began happening within the house.

One morning, translucent shadows were seen to pass through the room of the pastor's daughter. During the night, the family would wake due to loud noises coming from outside. The TV channels began changing by themselves. The telephone would ring but there wouldn't be anyone on the other end. And the windows were constantly being lit by an unexplainable bright light.


The members of the family that slept in the room with the fireplace were continually visited by nightmares, in which magicians and aborigines ran amok.

The pastor found an explanation for the torment once he took the strange stone to the scientists at the Ethnographic museum in Sydney. They recognized it as churinga. The ritual stone stores in its memory significant events from Australia's past.

One of these has to do with the location where the pastor's father-in-law found the mysterious stone. Criminals from England settled at that site during the 18th century. They were subjected to slave labor and a miserable existence.

The churinga stone is a carrier of negative energy, having accumulated for years at the site. The scientists explained to pastor Potter that the stone must not be moved from its location. Otherwise, it brings trouble. As happened anyway...