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The Woman Who Drinks Half a Gallon of Human Blood for Eternal Youth

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The 45 year-old Julia Keppels shocked the world, after she admitted that she drinks half a gallon of human blood per month, in order remain eternally youthful and beautiful.

The American admitted that she has been conducting this strange and horrifying ritual for 30 years and has retained her youth thanks to it.

The woman tasted human blood for the first time when she was 15 years old and bit off the lip of her first boyfriend, while she was kissing him.

After she had begun sucking the blood from his bleeding lip, he became terrified and broke up with her.

But that vampiric kiss caused the American woman to become addicted to human blood. Several years later Julia met her current husband, Donald Lazarevich, who is the father of her 2 children.

The two had met at a gathering of vampire enthusiasts. She did not hide the fact that her husband was frightened by her tendency to drink human blood and attempted to persuade her to give it up in the beginning, but she would not submit.

Julia is convinced that drinking half a gallon of human blood per month is the secret to eternal youth and has announced that she has not intention of halting the program that she has created over the years.


The blood which the American procures, in order to drink every month, is given by donors, who provide it specifically for her needs.

Her relatives explain that they are now used to her unusual habit and that drinking human blood does not bother them.

Her 49 year-old husband also stands by her, maintaining that despite the strange ritual, which she conducts, Julia is one of the most dedicated and loving mothers in the world.

Her 2 children - 11 year-old Alexei and 24 year-old Ariel, know about their mother's vampirism and have nothing against it.

Julia points out that she divides the half gallon of blood into small doses for each day of the week and feels mentally and physically strong by consuming it.

Whenever she has skipped taking her daily dose of blood, she has felt extremely unhappy and ugly. According to Julia, drinking blood improves her immune system function and she is rarely sick.