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How to Cleanse a Room?

How to Cleanse a Room?

People have the ability to transfer energy to the objects and spaces they inhabit. Therefore, it is not surprising that in some homes we feel good, while in others, even upon entering, we feel a certain oppression and hostility.

The good news is that negative energy from the premises can be very easily purified and transformed into neutral or positive energy.

One of the easiest ways to purify a room is to call a priest who will illuminate all its corners, cleanse it of negative energies and evil forces.

But if you don't want to immediately resort to holy water, you can also try to cleanse the room yourself with our help.

First of all, you should do a basic cleaning of the room, getting rid of any accumulated dirt and carefully searching and removing items brought by people you don't like.

Look carefully for needles stuck in door frames, tucked under beds and couches. Carefully inspect your home and discard anything that seems out of place, old, or simply negative.

You can also trust the power of plants to purify the room. Place a piece of aspen, poplar, or lilac wood in the room. Leave it where you think the concentration of negative energy is highest and after a week throw it into running water - a river, rapid or waterfall.

Try cleansing the room with the help of corn kernels. Scatter them everywhere around the room and in the morning before sunrise collect them and bury them in the ground.

Another ritual to cleanse the room is with the help of holy water and church candles. The ritual is performed on the 19th lunar day. Then, at dawn, old, broken and unnecessary things are collected, thrown into the garbage, after which you'll need holy water and the whole room is sprinkled with it.

Sprinkling starts from the front door and is carried out in a clockwise direction, emphasizing the corners of the room. When it is sprayed all over, light the church candle and again go through all the corners in a clockwise direction.

As soon as the candle burns out, its wick is thrown into running water.



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