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Tell your Future Right Now with Several Beads


Beads were some of the first ornaments that our earliest ancestors began to wear. In the past, they were popular not just amongst women but also representatives of the stronger sex. But besides as a decoration, they were used in their capacity as magical objects for predicting the future because people believed that they possessed a special energy.

Foretelling future events using beads is a practice that's been popular since ancient times. The people living on the lands of present-day India would often turn to the colorful little beads to find out what the future held. They would use them before going on a journey or when they had doubts related to their personal life.

Various methods of divination with beads exist, while some are quite complex. Others are exceptionally elementary and can be done right at home. The latter is exactly the kind of divination ritual we'll be presenting to you today. But before we get to it, consider several rules.

Divination with beads needs to be performed in a room in which you are alone. It's best to do it when you're completely calm and healthy. Otherwise, there is a risk of the results being unrealistic. And here's the ritual itself!


Prepare several identical light-colored beads and the same number of dark-colored ones. Put them in a jar or bowl, mix them up, then pour rice over them and flatten out the top.

Close your eyes and think about the one thing that you would most like the answer to. Start drawing a triangle in the rice. Then slide your fingers through the triangle and try to grab one of the buried beads.

If you pick out a light-colored bead, your desires will soon be realized. But if the bead is of a dark hue, it's more likely that your plans will fail or become reality at a later stage.