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Everyday Beliefs That Portend Something GoodEveryday Beliefs That Portend Something Good
10 Nov.
place or quite the contrary - that you have to watch out for whatever bad thing is destined to occur. If you break an egg and the shell is in small pieces, it's a sign that you'll have good luck. If you spill sugar...
The Animal-Shaped Amulets that Give Women Superpowers! Carry Them with youThe Animal-Shaped Amulets that Give Women Superpowers! Carry Them with you
15 Dec.
needs to be familiar with. 1. Butterfly The butterfly represents beauty, femininity and freedom. Figurines that recreate its image bring luck to those ladies who wish to raise their self-confidence and attract the...
Have you Dreamed This Man?Have you Dreamed This Man?
30 Apr.
If you've dreamed of the man in the picture, you are one of the few who have received a life lesson from this mysterious wise man. The face is one of the most distributed around the world and is a common sight among...
Talismans of the Fire SignsTalismans of the Fire Signs
10 Mar.
. Their lucky stones, suitable for talismans, are diamond, garnet, ruby, sapphire, zircon. Gemstones for Leo Leo's primary gemstone is diamond. Leos under the influence of Saturn are born from July 23 - August 3...
Citrine: the Gemstone of LuckCitrine: the Gemstone of Luck
07 May
times. In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, nobles wore it to protect themselves from snake venom. Our ancestors believed that this was the stone of luck. In ancient Greece, every merchant felt obligated to have a...
Dream that you are pregnant?Dream that you are pregnant?
22 Mar.
grows, dreams are with the presence of whales, elephants , dinosaurs and other large animals can also occur frequently during this period. To dream that you are pregnant with a dead baby is related to something you\'ve...
What`s the First Thing you See? The Answer Exposes your Very SoulWhat`s the First Thing you See? The Answer Exposes your Very Soul
23 Jan.
help you develop the positive traits dormant in you. Take a quick look at the image and identify the first thing that comes to mind. Then see what it reveals. Tree Many are attracted to the tree that's formed in...
What Will Today`s July 6 Horoscope Bring you?What Will Today`s July 6 Horoscope Bring you?
06 July
more creative you think, the faster and easier you'll get out of the complex situations. During the 2nd half of the day your self-esteem will rise and this will help you create new friendships and collaboration. Gemini...
The car is a feng shui talismanThe car is a feng shui talisman
17 Mar.
side windows and rear window are completely unnecessary, because they don’t help to build positive energy. Rather than this, the dashboard space can be used with a useful purpose. There you can place talismans and...
Dreaming that you have an exam?Dreaming that you have an exam?
15 Feb.
are typically related to your self confidence and lack of confidence. Maybe you are concerned and you start to evaluate the people around you. You can also experience feeling like your not good enough and that your...
Survival Tips That Could Actually Kill youSurvival Tips That Could Actually Kill you
14 Mar.
erroneous, they can actually kill you. What follows are things we were taught when we were young that are totally false: The food animals eat is suitable for humans as well. Birds and other animals eat certain fruits...
Who are the Good and Evil Spirits?Who are the Good and Evil Spirits?
23 Oct.
in the presence of the ghost. A good feeling is a guarantee that it possesses numerous virtues. Spirits' actions directly reveal the feelings which lead them to commit those actions. If they are good - the spirit is...
This 5-Minute Trick will Help you Overcome InsomniaThis 5-Minute Trick will Help you Overcome Insomnia
23 Mar.
tire, try this 5 min. trick that's recommended by experts. All you need for it is a sheet of paper and a pen. The goal is to write down a to-do list for the next day or the worries keeping you awake. Set aside 5 min...
Expect This if you See Silver in your DreamExpect This if you See Silver in your Dream
14 Dec.
what events you can expect if you dream of this element. Silver in a dream may reveal overly high aspirations for the material in the real world. Found silver jewelry or coins in a dream are a sign that you're...
Baba Vanga: The Eighth One Will Bring World Peace!Baba Vanga: The Eighth One Will Bring World Peace!
24 Oct.
The Eighth One will save the world - this is one of Baba Vanga's most mysterious prophecies. During her lifetime, the prophetess often said that when HE came to Earth, humanity's long-awaited peace would finally...

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