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Expect This if you See Silver in your Dream

Silver in Dream

Silver is a precious metal, which according to legends protects against vampires, ghosts and all sorts of evil spirits. But what does it mean if you see a silver object in your dream? Below you'll learn about what events you can expect if you dream of this element.

Silver in a dream may reveal overly high aspirations for the material in the real world. Found silver jewelry or coins in a dream are a sign that you're experiencing financial difficulties.

Silver objects in a dream hint that you're impatient for receiving something here and now. But rushed actions may cause you inconveniences.

Silver Objects

Seeing silver utensils in a dream means you're overly demanding and critical of others around you. You're constantly noticing their shortcomings, while at the same time remaining blind to your own bad habits. This dream encourages you to be more tolerant and open toward others.

If you receive a silver necklace from a person of the opposite sex in a dream, expect a marriage proposal or to start living together.


According to ancient Persian dream interpreters, the appearance of silver objects in dreams are a good sign. If a man sees this element in their dream, they can expect a bright future and new material gains. For women on the other hand, such dreams predict marriage to a wealthy gentleman.

If you dream of a silver or gold necklace, expect great wealth. However, you will have to work for it.

If a sick person dreams of silver, it's a good sign. They will eventually overcome their illness.