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The Art of Being a Good Leader


Leadership has been and always will be the most valuable asset on earth. Without it, no amount of money, resources, or talent will ever achieve sustainable success in any organization. But with it all other odds and obstacles can be overcome.

Leadership is what moves us from point A to point B; leadership is what makes each of us all that we have the potential to be.

Leadership is what gives us hope for a better tomorrow. No one says it's easy, but if you learn the three basic rules, you'll likely become a more effective leader and get better results. Here's what they are:


This is the biggest challenge before every leader. Along with commitment and determination, self-discipline is the quality that will reap the greatest success. One of the most effective methods of leadership is personal example. Everything in an organization starts at the top and the pace you set as a leader will usually set the tone for how and how quickly your subordinates work. In two words: be demanding of yourself and demonstrate the same level of discipline and maturity you expect from others.


The Art of Being a Good Leader

No matter how strong your leadership and persuasive skills are, without a plan to achieve specific goals your team will not develop. One of the defining traits that separate leaders from everyone else is that they know what their goals are for the coming weeks, months and even years. A leader must have goals, a plan to achieve them and most importantly, be able to clearly communicate them to others in a persuasive way that will get them to follow him. Subordinates must also be aware of what the results achieved will contribute to and how they will benefit from them.

Communication skills


It is extremely important for all leaders to have extremely good communication skills. They are expressed in the following:

- Understanding. The first step to being able to influence or persuade your team is to fully understand the people who are a part of it. You have to be aware of what drives their wants, fears, needs and why they react in certain ways in certain situations. You must be able to see the situation from a different perspective than your own.

- Motivation. The surest way to get someone to do something is to make them want to do it. The key to motivation is talking about their needs and wants. Let them know how this task will benefit them.

- Trust. Encourage your followers to reach their full potential and believe in themselves (by you believing in them first). If you manage to motivate, encourage and help someone develop and grow professionally, it is guaranteed that this person will be with you and follow you for a long time.