Baba Vanga: The Eighth One Will Bring World Peace!
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Baba Vanga: The Eighth One Will Bring World Peace!

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The Eighth One will save the world - this is one of Baba Vanga's most mysterious prophecies. During her lifetime, the prophetess often said that when HE came to Earth, humanity's long-awaited peace would finally reign.

The prophetess Vanga first revealed this fateful prediction in front of loved ones more than 50 years ago. It all started one quiet morning. At dawn, Vanga's blind eyes picked up on a beam of light shining into her little house in Strumica. The door opened and a rider on a white horse appeared in the doorway. The man was dressed in shining armor, as if covered in fish scales.

The horse rider pointed at Vanga with his spear and told her not to fear. He notified her that the next day would pass quickly and that she would become the most skilled of clairvoyants. The man continued, stating that people from nations far and wide would come to her, that she would speak with both the living and the dead.

This vision came to Vanga on Sunday, April 6, 1941 - the Annunciation date following the old calendar. This would become one of the clairvoyant's most revered holidays over the next few years.

Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga spent her life as a prophetess in her tidy little house in the Rupite - a village snug in the foothills of Kozuh Mountain. Her mediator was her sister Lubka.

Vanga's predictions regarding world peace conclude as follows: Then the Eighth One will come and sign the final peace treaty on the planet but this will be the beginning of the end!

Vanga`s House

After much analysis and speculation, the seer's followers are of the opinion that she was talking about an alien from another planet who would unite all Earthlings but bring about the beginning of the end for them as well.



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