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The car is a feng shui talisman

The car is a feng shui talisman

Do not put in your car bamboo flutes and bells, experts on feng shui advise. According to them, these objects are too large for the narrow space of the interior of your car. Experts believe that decorations on the side windows and rear window are completely unnecessary, because they don’t help to build positive energy.

Rather than this, the dashboard space can be used with a useful purpose. There you can place talismans and amulets. If you place a talisman by the windshield, make sure its not very large. Avoid figures of creatures with bobbing heads. They oppress the cabin.

It might seem strange, but the car can act as a talisman in terms of feng shui - enough to have the rear a little higher than the front. In particular, the rear is the energy which protects from bad influences. Funny titles like "Man Beast in the car, " located on the rear of the car, disrupt the protective functions of feng shui talisman.

Warning signs such as "child in the car, " "Keep your distance" enhance security. Cars that have a low back and only two doors, inspire a sense of uncertainty to all who ride in them. Do not be surprised if you feel slightly depressed in such a car. Cars with "convertible" roofs are not recommended because there is no way to gain positive energy, it literally flies through the open roof of the car.