Talismans for Women


A talisman is a magical item with a strong charge that has several meanings: it connects the visible physical and invisible spiritual dimensions and gives way to old archetypes. As such it turns into a link between the past, present and future. It makes us think about our place in the Universe.

A talisman is always a personal possession and it's best if it's crafted especially for a given person. Talismans are symbolic and have an effect on one's personal energy field.

There exist numerous talismans for different purposes - for luck, to ward against negative energy influences, wedding talismans, talismans for men, women, newborns and others.

Talismans for Women

Mother of Pearl Ring

Most often, women choose gemstones for their talismans. According to Chinese tradition, all opaque gemstones are linked to the female beginning, which in China is called Yin. They are linked to the elements of Earth and Water. Water gemstones can change their color depending on the spiritual condition. Another suitable stone for a women's talisman is mother of pearl. A mother of pearl necklace creates a sort of ellipse around the woman, protecting her from energetic influences.

For some women it's beneficial to wear a tiara. This is the choice for those ladies who wish to direct the action of their gemstones toward the brain and mental activity.


Lavender amethyst is a suitable gemstone for pain syndrome or injuries and is equally suitable for ladies, as well as men.

Every married woman who's a master of her home and wants to choose a gemstone for a talisman can't go wrong with amazonite. It is thought to be the guardian gemstone of the family hearth.

A suitable talisman can be found for every kind of effect and situation, as long as the woman believes in its power.

Wedding Talismans - Most Preferred by Women


Women focus exceptionally on wedding talismans. They are a symbol of the aim and desire for a happy married life. In this case women again have a rich selection. The most popular wedding talisman is the sun and it is suitable for both sexes.

Silver earring sun decorations boost a woman's power over her partner, while 3 suns in an article of jewelry ensure a happy and harmonious marriage.

Silver wedding necklaces and bracelets that depict the moon are talismans that help the woman be more attractive to her partner, while the combination of the 2 heavenly bodies will help the achievement of compromise and avoidance of conflict in the marriage.