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Man is paralyzed during sleepMan is paralyzed during sleep
03 Feb.
Here are some interesting facts about the enigma of sleep. 1. Our body during sleep is paralyzed, however movements that can be made during sleep are not repeated. 2. External stimuli affect our sleep....
Sleep less, to live moreSleep less, to live more
04 Dec.
A survey of Canadian scientists show that people who sleep 6-7 hours instead of 8, die less often prematurely. According to statistics the french sleep the most in all of Europe, meaning the whole 9 hours....
A Dark Office = Less SleepA Dark Office = Less Sleep
08 Aug.
The results show that persons who spend all day in an office without light, sleep a whole 46 minutes less....
Which Sleep Position is Healthiest?Which Sleep Position is Healthiest?
29 July
Your "favorite" sleep posture may cause you back and neck pains, stomach problems, even premature wrinkles....
What Leads to Poor Sleep?What Leads to Poor Sleep?
24 June
This makes the brain think that it's time to wake up, it doesn't produce enough of the hormone melatonin (produced by the pineal gland), which induces sleep and leads to the lowering of body temperature during this process...
Societal Attitudes That Get in the Way of HappinessSocietal Attitudes That Get in the Way of Happiness
28 June
American psychologist Albert Ellis claimed in his scientific works that there exist in society 6 collective attitudes that get in the way of the happiness of anyone who tries to comply with them. Everyone needs to love...
Sleep Cleanses the Body of ToxinsSleep Cleanses the Body of Toxins
04 Feb.
To protect your body from toxins and allow your brain to work properly, try to set aside enough time for a sound sleep....
Sleep Depends on What We EatSleep Depends on What We Eat
16 Sept.
But enough about animal products, here are the fruits and vegetables - potatoes, spinach, carrots, bananas, avocados....
Feng Shui principles for good sleepFeng Shui principles for good sleep
13 Mar.
To sleep well, never locate your bed against a mirror. People, who sleep on this bed, can have health problems....
Sleep helps us remember new informationSleep helps us remember new information
19 Sept.
In the morning it is clear that participants in the experiment were able to think of new words much more quickly after waking than once they had heard them first....
Sleep disorders can be very dangerousSleep disorders can be very dangerous
26 Feb.
Some sleep disorders namely sleep walking is carried out when there is a full moon. Subsequently clarified by the incidence of no midnight trips to the terms phases of the moon....
Mutated gene makes us sleep lessMutated gene makes us sleep less
08 Feb.
Initially, the object of their research showed a family in which mother and daughter slept only for 6 hours and other family members had normal sleep....
Proven! We Hear Even During SleepProven! We Hear Even During Sleep
23 Sept.
The results are definitive - the human brain remains awake even while we sleep. During sleep, certain areas of our brain remain active and react to stimuli and sounds from the surrounding environment....
Lack of Sleep Provokes False MemoriesLack of Sleep Provokes False Memories
15 Aug.
A study shows that a lack of sleep can lead to false memories. The study is the 1st of its kind and has determined that less than 5 hours of sleep per night is linked to the formation of false memories....
Sleep disorders - causes, symptons and treatmentSleep disorders - causes, symptons and treatment
27 July
Commonly these symptons will occure during the night time, during the late stages of sleep! The woken person if woken will be unable to get back to sleep, feeling restless and tired will not aid sleep in this instance....

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