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How to Recognize a Prophetic Dream

Nina NordNina Nord

In dreams, we transcend reality and can easily move to any point of time and space that is inaccessible to us in real life.

That's why in dreams we can receive signals from both the past and the future. Very often dreams warn us of what will happen.

And when they tell you of the future, try to focus on issues in the present which you need to solve in order to lead a normal life.

Prophetic dreams warn us of events that will happen and we cannot avoid, but we can do something to at least be able to reduce their negative effects.

Prophetic Dreams

Sometimes, such a dream could even save your life. In such cases, it will be very bright and straightforward - with a maximum clarity and absolutely literal information.

However, this can only happen if you are in tune with your subconscious mind in order to find out what it’s trying to tell you in a prophetic dream. Many such cases are described throughout history.

For example, a Roman emperor dreamed of a cross before being victorious in battle. He chose the cross as his emblem and won.

But prophetic dreams are not always so unambiguous. This usually only happens when it’s a matter of life and death and the danger is really great. If you dream of war, it does not mean that tomorrow a war will start. This may be a signal of impending conflict at home or at work.

If you dream of a home, which has collapsed, this does not mean that your house will collapse, but rather that something old or insufficiently stable in your life will disappear.

But how to distinguish a prophetic dream from an ordinary one? This can be done on several counts. In prophetic dreams, there’s a storyline in which events are moving logically and consistently.

In this type of dream, you make important decisions and can even influence the course of events in your sleep. In prophetic dreams, everything is so bright, as if it were really happening. Moreover, these dreams are remembered very well, to the smallest details.



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27.09.2013 18:16
In the article it says "In prophetic dreams, there’s a storyline in which events are moving logically and consistently." I am wondering is the author meant to say in ordinary dreams this is the case? Because the next part has In prophetic dreams (Bold text). In my experience my prophetic dreams do not have a story line, and they do not move logically and consistently. I am a vivid dreamer and all my dreams are bright and clear. Regular dreams can be compared to watching a movie on tv. My prophetic dreams are loaded with symbols ei once a triangle was shown over a misty water. In then came a stranger holding my boyfriends military id card. But the stranger was not him. Very disjointed images piled in did not flow like the movie type dreams. The actual event that occurred within a few hours was our car was broken into. The man in the dream was the culprit. It was at a mall (possibly the geometric triangle?) and the id and wallet was thrown into the flooded area at the side of the mall. While we were awake, when the police brought the man to us, I impressed upon the man what a issue it was for the military id and he confessed to us where he threw the wallet.
Almost 90% of my prophetic dreams are loaded with a rapid series of short choppy symbol filled visions. My regular dreams are more like tv movies.