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How to Prepare for 2018 in Order to have Luck


The upcoming 2018 falls under the patronage of the Yellow Earth Dog according to the Eastern calendar. To attract luck and success to your life, it would be wise to follow several guidelines.

The Dog personifies loyalty and justice but alongside this it is also quite a restless creature that loves games and fun. It is quick to take up new activities without thinking about the consequences.

However, the element of Earth which is going to be ruling over us this next year needs to adhere to the established rules, to follow the old traditions and to live in harmony with the natural laws.


The color Yellow is associated with the Sun and is going to charge us with vast amounts of positive energy. We're easily going to maintain our positive mood and look on the bright side of life, instead of the dark.

To find out how these 3 elements - Dog, Earth and Yellow - tie in together in the coming year, read on below and apply these bits of advice to your daily life, in order to enjoy luck and success throughout the whole year.

1. You're going to have money only if you're hardworking

The color Yellow symbolizes getting rich but since 2018 is also going to fall under the influence of the Earth element, this means that we're going to enjoy financial well-being only if we work tirelessly. We're going to have plenty of opportunities for working on things we enjoy but we mustn't abandon them the minute they become boring and tedious because our persistence and tenacity will be generously rewarded.

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2. Be kind and open to those around you

Try to be kinder and friendlier toward the people around you during the next 365 days. You also need to be more honest in your communication with them. Any attempts at lying, hypocrisy and trickery will be exposed quickly and won't present you in a good light in front of your new, as well as your old, friends. Don't break the rules and cross the limits of morality because this will hurt you more than others.

3. Use your imagination

Try to imbue creativity even in the most mundane of everyday tasks because this will be highly valued in 2018. Rely on the individual approach and decisions, without being afraid to demonstrate your personal taste and ambitions to audiences. Do what you like, without worrying about others' opinions and you will experience success.

4. Gain new knowledge

The new year is providing you the opportunity to enrich your mind by signing up for new classes and perfecting your personal talents. The intellectual aspect is going to be at its peak throughout the year. To take advantage, think about what new things you can learn, read more, seek information about the subjects that interest you and apply it in your everyday life.

5. Surround yourself with comfort and beauty

Over the next year, the element of Earth is going to push us to surround ourselves with comforts and beautiful things. Spend your money in ways to provide comfort and to change your wardrobe so that you feel like a true prince or princess.