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How Buddhist believers turn to light

How Buddhist believers turn to light

Strong believers, Buddhist monks who practiced meditation for many years, may end thier life in an unusual way and a triumphal way too. When dying they endow the body with the ability to be absorbed back into the light essence of the elements which have created it.

The material body dissolves into the light and disappears completely. This process is called the body or body of an arc of light, because it is dissolved in the light and was accompanied by appearance of a rainbow light. In ancient times, the conversion of light into the body was common practice. The man who's goal was to become a light, begged to be left entirely alone, without food and water in a room or a tent for seven days.

For one week no one was to knock on any door or be close to the tent. On the eighth day the result was always the same, only the hair and nails of the man could be found. They are regarded by the ancients of the dirtiest parts of the body. Therefore, they can not be swallowed by the light.

Thirty years ago in Tibet the last case was seen by the body of light, which was attested by many people. Nagyal Sam was the receiver of the body of light, he earned his livelihood cutting stones in mantras and sacred texts.

He fell ill, but every day seemed more happy. He died at the age of 79 and asked after his death his body not be touched. Family wrapped him in cloth and put it in a room. Relatives, despite the ban entered into the room on the sixth day because the above the house appeared an arc.

The body was as big as a baby. On the eighth day after his death the undertaker arrived, however when uncovering the fabric of which his body was wrapped, only nails and hair were uncovered.