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How to Interpret your Worst Nightmares

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Everyone has had a nightmare at least once in their life and if they've tried to forget it they've made a big mistake. These clear and frightening dreams can actually be quite helpful to us if interpreted correctly.

According to materials published by Live Science, you can use your nightmares to resolve specific, serious problems from your everyday life. Unpleasant dreams can show us what our deepest fears are, leading to our other problems.

Nightmares usually indicate that you're suffering from stress, anxiety or lacking self-confidence. They're an indicator of the personal qualities that you have to work on.

Additionally, nightmares can prepare you for situations that will occur in real life. They're driven by our intuition and the information we've received subconsciously but are unable to process.

Through nightmares our subconscious alerts us to what we need to keep an eye out for, what we're overlooking in real life, as these are of great importance.

Harvard psychologist Deirdre Barrett explains that if nightmares were in fact completely useless for humans, they would have been eliminated during the process of evolution. And since that is not the case, we have to interpret these dreams.


Every dream is a door into our inner world and it would be wise of us to therefore find out its meaning. Below you can see the interpretations of 4 of the most common nightmares.

Take note of whether these dreams are recurring. If that is the case, it means that even though you may be fighting the consequences, the root of the problem is continuing to cause you hardships.

1. Falling from up high

If you dream that you're falling from up high it indicates that you've lost control over a situation or aspect that's important to you. The dream is reminding you to put both feet firmly on the ground, to familiarize yourself with the facts and begin to gradually resolve the problem.

2. Being chased

Dreams where you're being chased most frequently reveal suppressed traumas. These include disappointment in love, an unsound relationship with a parent, insult from a friend or fellow student, which you've been keeping bottled up. You've refused to share the truth about whatever may have happened, to reveal your feelings and thoughts on it.

3. Murder

If you dream that you're murdering someone in a dream, then it's likely there's something amiss in your relationship with that person. There's something you don't like or something that's hurting you but you don't have the courage to tell it to them face to face. You're just letting the problem worsen.

4. You're deceased

If you dream that you're dead or have been murdered, something is seriously worrying you in real life. A person or situation is provoking grim fears in you but you've decided to take a passive stance and let the problem work itself out.