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How not to overdo Feng Shui

How not to overdo Feng Shui

Positions of objects in the house more often are being chosen, according to the principles of Feng Shui. It has recently became a fashionable trend, and almost everyone who furnishes their new apartment or house, find it a matter of honor to tell their friends that they respected the basic rules of Feng Shui.

More affluent and demanding owners even hire experts to advise them how to locate their bed - which, according to Feng Shui should not be placed so that the feet are pointing toward the door.

Likewise, these be exercised in the kitchen. According to feng shui, water and fire should not be near each other - therefore it is not recommended placing the stove near the sink.

This does not mean you have to sacrifice functionality in the distribution of equipment, just to meet basic requirements of Feng Shui.

The distribution of the different areas of the house, again according to the principles of Eastern teachings, seeks to bring harmony into the room.

Very often, however, blindly following the requirements of Feng Shui is not good for the overall style of the house. It happens so that while being keen on the eastern manners of equipment, you end up piling up various figures of animals in your home, in completely inappropriate places, which violates the general style of the room.

Mirrors are one of the favorites in the teachings of Feng Shui, but their excessive accumulation can cause the opposite effect and create a surplus of completely unnecessary reflections.

But if you observe some principles of Feng Shui, you can achieve a truly attractive effect of furniture, consistent with eastern aesthetics.

When considering how to furnish your home, consult a specialist, but do not underestimate your own desires. This will turn your home into a wonderful place to welcome friends and rest .