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Tips on how to fall asleep

Falling asleep

Here are some tips you can apply if you find falling asleep difficult:

Very often insomnia is due to overeating. So dinner should be light and should be served at least two hours before bedtime.

People who have difficulty sleeping, should not worry. It is advisable to use the hours during which they can not sleep like reading is a good thing. Very often, this is a time when the brain is able to absorb complex ideas and concepts. Late night hours may be used for long walks in the fresh air or exercise. Trouble from lack of sleep is more harmful than the insomnia.

Falling asleep

One useful exercise, which often brings sleep is to lie on your back with your hands to the side and legs slightly open. In this posture you should breathe deeply and slowly through your nose. Thought should be to focus on breathing and on your body completely relaxing. Sleep will come, and even if this does not happen, posture and breathing will refresh your body and will bring you relaxation.

Being physically tired means you should fall asleep immediately. Take a walk after dinner or play a game to produce a healthy physical fatigue and to remove tension. Exercise is the best antidote to emotional stress. After tension is removed, the dream will not tarry.

After a certain age some people are starting to wake up early, probably because they only need four or five hours sleep. If so, they may be advised to go to bed much later, to not wake up too early in the morning.