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How to Read Faces and Personalities

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How to Read Faces and Personalities

The face of a man is like an open book. Everything in it speaks - eyebrows, mouth, eyes, each wrinkle. With age, people change, but their main features are preserved and even stand out more.

One of the most ancient physiognomies - the science of reading facial features, was the Chinese, who believe that a person can read human fate.

Such knowledge helps to make transactions and negotiation easier. As early as meeting a person for the first time, a very careful observer can learn to know all about their new acquaintance. In women, however, it is difficult because of cosmetics, but the shape of features remains the same.

Physiognomists identify five most important facial features - eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and ears. In women, it is hard to read their eyebrows because of permanent cosmetic processing.

How to Read Faces and Personalities

Thick bushy eyebrows tell of intransigence and stubbornness. Their tapered end means nobility, a wide, pull up - masculinity and entrepreneurship, and also prone to violence.

Long and delicate eyebrows mean calm and conservatism. Elegant eyebrows, longer than the eye, mean a powerful intellect. Short and thin eyebrows say that the person leads a lonely struggle in life.

Short or coarse eyebrows belong to a person of amorous kind, tend to frequent change of career and independence, but also show aggressiveness and irritability. Almost invisible eyebrows - tricksters.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Nothing speaks more about a human than they do. Large eyes mean receptivity and sensitivity, masculinity and expression. Small eyes - complacency, stubbornness and jealousy.

Drawn up eyes - sensitivity, courage, determination. The beveled down shape - bonhomie, optimism. Long and sharp outer corners of the eyes speak of sharp insights and, if wrapped up - of courage, recklessness and greed. If wound down - humility.

The long nose is typical of conservative people, always found talking excessively, prone to waywardness and intellectual achievements while completing tasks.

Long and broad nosed people are with a stable nature and calm temperament. Short nosed people have an open character, are optimistic and friendly.

A weak and bony nose defines poor concentration. A nose with a hump - pride, stubbornness, aggression and determination. A small nose speaks of pettiness and jealousy.

An upward pointing nose shows a thriving personality, a tip - traitorous and treacherous person. A thick and fleshy end of the nose - goodness and willingness to sacrifice.

A big mouth, with big shiny lips means power and responsibility. Solid lips, that open in the shape of a square – are a sign of bonhomie. A wide mouth with a full face, talks about pride and selfishness, and on a small face it means a weak character.

Thin and tightly closed lips, define a cruel minded person. Fat Lips - sensitivity, and a methodical mind. A protruding mouth - a quick mind, activity and determination. A protruding upper lip - indecision and a protruding lower lip - selfishness.

Tips of the mouth, in the form of a mysterious smile, show a deep and sensual nature. A mouth with long tapered ends - cowardice.

When the edges of the mouth face down - a strong will and determination, but for women - stubbornness. A mouth angled to one side, speaks of nervousness, and a sarcastic nature.