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New Computers Can Erase Thoughts Without us KnowingNew Computers Can Erase Thoughts Without us Knowing
05 May
"Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind, " wrote poet John Milton back in 1634. However, today, 400 years later, with the technological advancement that led to the creation of machines that can read human thoughts...
Scientists Have Communicated a Thought Using TelepathyScientists Have Communicated a Thought Using Telepathy
23 Sept.
of others were carried out. Experiments of sending thoughts at a distance have been conducted in the US, Europe and the former USSR. Even though some of the scientists at that time announced successful attempts...
People who get enough sleep in 4 hours are geniusesPeople who get enough sleep in 4 hours are geniuses
16 Jan.
easier to accept psychological trouble. It is possible to create medicines that make ordinary people into those who get enough sleep in four hours. Among people who get enough sleep in a short time ahs been Napoleon...
The Crystals That Ward off Negative EnergyThe Crystals That Ward off Negative Energy
26 June
For centuries on end, crystals have been used to attract happiness and success. Below, you can learn about the ones that can ward off negative energy and make you feel at ease. Regardless of what room you place...
Birch talismans against negative energy and depressionBirch talismans against negative energy and depression
22 May
psychic harmony. Birch, if growing near your home, chases away nightmares from your dreams. So if you have planted birch at your house be sure that it will protect you from the bad influences of both the people and all negative energies....
The Crazy Inventions our Grandparents Thought were SpectacularThe Crazy Inventions our Grandparents Thought were Spectacular
22 Nov.
said inventions were no good, their inventors thought they had made a great discovery. It explains how on the free market and in stores, one could buy a gun mounted onto their hat or a torture machine for creating...
Methods for Getting Rid of CursesMethods for Getting Rid of Curses
07 Dec.
Curses are nothing new, you may have even felt like you were under one at some point. In essence it means that someone with an evil eye or very negative energy has directed their negative influence toward you. They...
Get to know your past livesGet to know your past lives
20 Sept.
terms. It is certain that in a past life you were well off, but in this you must understand how to deal with financial obstacles. This is one of the important lessons to learn. Accept life as part of the training of...
How Did Hitler Die?How Did Hitler Die?
20 Oct.
On April 30, 1945, newlyweds Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun put an end to their lives by committing suicide. Their bodies were discovered in a bunker just 24 hours after they had officially married. The act of suicide...
How to overcome stressHow to overcome stress
22 Jan.
, constant sense of helplessness and may even cause severe depression. Stress has a negative impact on your career, family relationships, as well as physical and mental health. One of the things that will kick stress away...
How to see AurasHow to see Auras
20 Aug.
Everyone has an aura, say our esoteric practices of ancient times. But what is aura? These are the vibrations of the soul, bioenergy field around the human body, colored in shades that change under the influence of...
How to learn telepathy?How to learn telepathy?
10 Oct.
the awareness and develop the concentration of the mind, and also to cleanse the mind of negative thoughts. The student should understand and have faith in the basic ideas underlying the psychological forces, such as...
These are the 3 Zodiac Signs That Get Offended Most EasilyThese are the 3 Zodiac Signs That Get Offended Most Easily
08 Feb.
. They are easily injured and even if you don't mention them in a particular abusive remark, Cancers tend to see themselves in your words and feel affected. You have to be careful how you behave toward representatives of...
The Memories Our Brain Gets Rid of During SleepThe Memories Our Brain Gets Rid of During Sleep
30 Mar.
brain performs during sleep. They examined the neurons of lab mice while they slept. Maintaining neural networks requires a lot of energy and even though the capacity of our memory allows it, our brain wipes away...
How Did Mammoths Go Extinct?How Did Mammoths Go Extinct?
28 Apr.
in Siberia and in Alaska. But one question still seeks an answer - how did mammoths go extinct? Scientists still do not have a categorical answer to the question of what led to the dying off of these beautiful...

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