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How to welcome the Year of the Tiger

How to welcome the Year of the Tiger

2010, The Year of the Tiger, as we come to end of the 12 months the new year approaches. According to the Chinese horoscope, as the New Year approaches, yellow, purple or striped candles should be on show on the the table. All sorts of meats should be served at mass, with soya pieces which act as a substitute for vegetarians.

The meat is to be prepared on the grill with a colorful side dishes of vegetables. It is also advisable that drinks are to be prepared in yellow, red and amber shades, soft drinks and orange juice are an ideal option in this case.

Avoid getting drunk on New Year's eve because you will make a sworn enemy of the Tiger – Monkeys. Shortly before midnight, stop the music and sing, solo or in chorus. On the table you must have as many dishes to show for a full year. The table should be placed in the middle of the room and a metal bowl containing yellow fruit should also be placed on the table.

In the rooms it is advisable to have decorative metal, preferably red. Silver cups, horn, metal chippy, any decoration in which metal is present. The tree must have at least one or two toys made by hand. When putting them on the true you should make a wish as it will be fulfilled within the next year.

The clothes also require something symbolizing the tiger. They should be striped and it's nice to attend the yellow color. Accessories and jewelry should only be of natural stones and metal. You should not combine more than two different metals in jewelry. Preferably leather should trim the clothing and last but not least the best thing is if you can, is to celebrate the New Year in new clothes