When the Zodiac Signs Get Depressed
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When the Zodiac Signs Get Depressed

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Each zodiac signs expresses and handles depression in their own unique way. Some of them react quite strangely - they become more energetic, get hungry or turn paranoid. Here's how you can tell when each of the different zodiac signs is feeling depressed.


He would never admit that he's fallen into a depression - it's beneath him. But when they are truly depressed they become more aggressive than usual. And even though they deny their plight, they never stop complaining to anyone willing to listen. Aries aren't worried about talking about their problems, which they try to handle with unforeseen enthusiasm.


When the world turns its back on Taurus, he turns to the fridge. Taureans prefer to suffer quietly, without burdening others. Depression spins him completely out of control. He would rather stay at home, sit by himself and stuff his face with anything he can get his hands on. To avoid being seen, Taurus prefers to do this at night.


They rarely fall into a depression - they're usually bored in their normal state. If something's bothering them, they keep it to themselves. They pretend that nothing's happened, hoping that the problem will go away on its own. If it doesn't, they fall into an oppressive grief, they become unusually silent and start blaming themselves for everything.

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The normal state of Cancer is one of depression. But when it goes beyond the normal boundaries and weighs heavier than usual, he decides that no one loves him and that there's no point living in such a world. In most cases, depression hits them in the stomach. You'll typically find a depressed Cancer in the bathroom, pouring out his feelings - figuratively and literally.


No matter how strange it may sound, Leo also falls into depression. His pride prevents him from showing the world around him that something so trivial and earthly could have possibly taken him down. On the other hand, if there's anything to be gained from it, he'll transform into the biggest martyr you've ever seen. But even if it's real, his personal crisis is always quite theatrical.


Virgo's rationality does not allow her to believe in such things as depression. For them, these types of states are beyond repulsive. But if they do feel something like this catching up to them, they quickly root it out, focusing on that which keeps them alive - work. They turn rough and sharp-tongued while in such a state.


This otherwise bright sign is susceptible to dark moods and depression. When they're sad, they seek comfort in others. Libras require their friends and loved ones to be by their side. This helps them quickly shake off their negative thoughts and return to being the cheery and creative person they actually are. If they end up alone, they fight their depression by going on a shopping spree and buying what often turns out to be useless crap.


There's no way to find out if a Scorpio's depressed. He skillfully hides the pain deep inside. His soul harbors depressive memories from the distant and recent past; in fact he remembers every injustice done to him since early childhood. The only outward signs of a depression in Scorpio may be paranoia, suspicion and even malice, which are actually typical of his nature.


These are the biggest optimists in the zodiac sign and rarely get depressed. Even if they feel mistreated, they quickly forget the insult and move on. Among the things that can actually drive them insane are love woes or other genuine sorrow. This makes them quite intolerant, tense and unusually serious. They may turn to alcohol or illegal drugs for comfort.

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This sign is in a constant and permanent depression. It's all due to the fact that they can't control everything and that they refuse to understand that life isn't made to make them feel comfortable. When they fall into a depression, which happens quite often, they lose all motivation, they torment and blame themselves. Some Capricorns fall into this state so often that they actually begin to enjoy it.


Depression rarely creeps up on Aquarius but if it does they recover swiftly and pull themselves out of it. Even if depressed, they manage to act cheery and calm. But if you're more attentive you'll notice that they are slightly distracted.


Sorrow and the feeling of hopelessness rule Pisces' life. But when these get out of control, Pisces transform into the most obsessive and vicious people you've ever seen. They become extremely emotional and sensitive, close themselves off from others and take on a defensive stance. It's best to leave them alone.