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Get to know your past lives

Get to know your past lives

The study of your past lives can help you understand a lot about our present life. The benefits of knowing that you are being reborn from are great.

First, it greatly reduces your fear of death. If you know that you lived before, you will not worry about death, as it is the unknown that scares most people.

You are not just your physical self, that’s your shell, but you yourself are in this body, and after death are free to be reborn again.

The purpose of reincarnation is continuous improvement, but also clearing karma from previous lives. If you've not resolved a relationship with someone in this life, you should be aware that we will meet again in the next.

The same goes for your loved ones. Surely you were together in past lives, you will likely be with them in your next life too.

This explains why someone who is completely unknown to you seems like you have known them for many years. After talking to them a few minutes, you can establish whether you understand each-other perfectly and if you've always been friends.

Your present life is only one part of your spiritual journey and development. Do not waste your precious time bickering with your loved ones and colleagues, and use it to gain knowledge and experience.

Do not despair in this life, if you look only in material terms. It is certain that in a past life you were well off, but in this you must understand how to deal with financial obstacles. This is one of the important lessons to learn.

Accept life as part of the training of people’s souls and then not pay attention to small problems.

Life is an exciting adventure, so share it with loved ones and try to learn that many things change.