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Do This Test to Find out Whether you're Capable of Committing Murder

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Murderer Test

It takes just 5 seconds to find out whether you're capable of reaching the most fatal of extremes should someone step on your toes. This test relies on your associative thinking, which is why you need to trust in your primary instinct.

Take a look at the 7 trees in the picture and choose the one that most strongly attracts your gaze. Don't seek any logic or explanation, simply trust your instincts.

The creators of the test share that it has a 90% accuracy rate. Of course, this doesn't mean that you're definitely going to murder someone, rather that your character possesses a dark side that you must try to keep under control.

After you've chosen a tree, check to see what it corresponds to.


1. You're capable of committing murder but only to defend yourself or your loved ones. If you're cornered and it becomes a question of him or you, you're ready to defend yourself. Your self-preservation instincts are sharp and kick into full force when needed.

2. You're capable of murder, plus it won't weigh on your conscience because you just don't care about others when it comes to the dark side of your character. You care only for your own well-being and should you have to get rid of someone on your way to the top, you'd do it.

3. For you, murder is the worst possible crime a person could commit and you would never do it. You love connecting with people and are surrounded by loved ones whom you share interests with.

4. You're capable of murder only when there's no other option available. Overall, you're highly intelligent and analyze all possible options for getting out of a bad situation, while murder in your view is primal, animalistic and unnecessary when you can use your mind to clear up things between you and another person.


5. You have solid humane principles and would not kill another person under any circumstances. You prefer to help instead of punishing people for their mistakes, which makes you truly benign.

6. You would kill for fun. There's a sadist lying within you, who loves to torture people and is attracted to victims like flies to honey. Be careful when it comes to your need to walk all over others because it may cause you big trouble.

7. Material well-being is your number 1 priority and you're even capable of murder for it. When your financial stability is threatened and you find yourself at a loss about how you're going to pay next month's bills, you're more than ready to grab a gun in hand and threaten people.