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Divination with a BookDivination with a Book
18 July
This way of prediction can hardly be called ancient since it has existed only since books first appeared. Before divining with a book, people often wonder which one exactly to choose....
The Book of Soyga Reveals its SecretsThe Book of Soyga Reveals its Secrets
18 May
Alongside the Voynich Manuscript are other mystical books that are just as intriguing. First among them is the Book of Soyga, also known as Aldaraia....
The Book of Thoth Reveals Secrets of the UniverseThe Book of Thoth Reveals Secrets of the Universe
14 Sept.
The book was lost years ago, while some researchers doubt it ever even existed....
Proven: Reading Books Alters the BrainProven: Reading Books Alters the Brain
14 Jan.
This is especially true for the upcoming generation, where it's 1000 times easier and more pleasant to watch a movie based on a book, rather than read that book....
Parts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagiParts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagi
10 Oct.
Most of the papyrus texts from the mysterious book have been discovered in the tombs at Thebes. This caused the Book of the Dead to be called The Book of Thebes....
Virgo Woman and Virgo Man Love CompatibilityVirgo Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility
22 Jan.
If with time, sex becomes boring in some couples, things are at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to representatives of the Virgo zodiac sign - each time they feel better than the last....
The Fate of VirgoThe Fate of Virgo
21 Nov.
The Virgo possesses an exceptionally developed sense of order. They are frugal, patient, stay-at-home types. They show interest toward the smallest details in life and in the family....
Virgo 2013 - Yearly HoroscopeVirgo 2013 - Yearly Horoscope
11 Dec.
Large sums shall come to Virgo, but be careful not to go overboard with your power and not make risky investments....
Unexpected Features of VirgoUnexpected Features of Virgo
24 Sept.
The desire for hygiene in a Virgo can sometimes lead to an obsession with cleanliness. It is typical of the Virgo to devote every spare moment to the destruction of germs and dirt....
Destiny of the Virgo AscendantDestiny of the Virgo Ascendant
18 June
One of the main priorities of the Virgo ascendant is outer appearance - vain to the smallest detail. Additionally they take perfect care of their health....
Yearly Horoscope 2018 for VirgoYearly Horoscope 2018 for Virgo
09 Jan.
You're going to be meeting many new people this year, ones who will completely alter your old understandings. Your good luck this year will come to you via communication and social networks. Don't be afraid to communicate...
Yearly Horoscope 2017 for VirgoYearly Horoscope 2017 for Virgo
06 Jan.
In 2017 you're going to have the opportunity to noticeably improve your financial state. But try to be wise in spending what you've earned, so that you don't create new predicaments for yourself. The year will grant you...
The Most Famous Guidebooks about DeathThe Most Famous Guidebooks about Death
21 Nov.
Book of Arda Viraf The Book of Arda Viraf is seen as the Iranian version of Dante's Divine Comedy. It is holy to followers of Zoroastrianism, its author wise and legendary....
Which Gemstones are Suitable for Virgo?Which Gemstones are Suitable for Virgo?
29 Oct.
People born under the zodiac sign of Virgo may give the impression of being calm and prudent but the truth is that passions rage in their soul, burning them up from within....
Shortcomings of the Virgo Zodiac SignShortcomings of the Virgo Zodiac Sign
16 Oct.
Virgo is critical toward everyone... and toward themselves. A Virgo is never late but expects the same from others....

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