When Does Our Intuition Speak to us?

When Does Our Intuition Speak to us?

When you feel that you need to help - if you get a strong feeling that you need to help someone, do it, without boasting to others about it afterwards.


Inner voice

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Inner voice - Trust your sixth sense

Trust your sixth sense


Each of us possesses a sixth sense, but just do not always feel when we trust to it. Children have intuition, which grows and when then grow into young people they do not listen to their inner voice.

Inner voice - What is intuition?

What is intuition?


Intuition is considered a lightning of revelation - these are instinctive judgments that prove to be correct. People are able to develop intuition to help their feelings, or to work better.

Inner voice - Curses - reality or a hoax?

Curses - reality or a hoax?


Many people wonder there such a thing as a curse? Does it harm us or is it just another hoax. You mostly trust your inner voice of intuition.

Inner voice - Thought is material

Thought is material


Our thoughts can materialize and influence our destiny. If you want to say something to someone, first think about what exactly is your goal.

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