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Find out your Future! Pick a Fairy and See What to Expect in the Next 30 Days

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Fairy Test

There's nothing better than knowing what will happen to you in the future. Some give generously to find out what fate has in store. Luckily we've found a way to peer into the future.

Pick an image and find out what to expect in the next 30 days. You won't believe how accurate the answer is.

To find out what's coming your way, use your intuition and hunches and focus on a certain question. Choose the image you like most and remember it.

Our advice to you is not to try to analyze the images beforehand. Rely solely on your intuition in order to best determine how to act in a given situation.


There's one important condition for you to see your true future and that is to remain alone. Don't be distracted, remain calm. Dive into your thoughts to pick out what's tormenting you the most. Only then intuitively pick out the picture that grabs your eye. Then see what the fairies' message is about what to expect in the next 30 days.

1. Only good moments

No matter how unbelievable it may seem, pleasant moments are coming to your life as well. Don't be afraid of them, just relax. Don't react negatively toward the change. On the way to your goal, close one door and daringly open the next. It is there that you'll find something new. Be a bit more egotistical and listen to yourself more often.

2. Patience

There's no need to hurry. There's a time and place for everything. Show patience and be methodical. Make certain that everything is going according to plan in this period. Show patience toward your close friends as well.

3. Change

It's time to think about the prospects in your life. If you feel like you're on autopilot in your daily life, just remember that everything is in your hands. You can change your life entirely. Be open to new things and change. If you listen to your inner voice you'll build up your own happiness. Everything will be resolved shortly.