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The Proper Way to Use the Power of Gemstones


You may hear gemstones called the eternal flowers of the planet. But they are much more than beautiful accessories that shine on your finger or hang from your neck.

They are a powerful source of energy that can change our life, turn the tables in our favor and even shield us from or cure us from diseases.

For a baby's good night's sleep we recommend using selenite. Place a piece of this mineral in a visible location in the baby's room, so that it can create a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere. Selenite has a high vibration, which concentrates a stream of light and pure energy.

Agate is extremely beneficial in a risky situation. If you have a tendency to take risks often or your work involves risks, it's wise to always carry this unbelievably beautiful stone with you. Even if it's in the form of decoration or jewelry.

Creative individuals need aventurine, which will hone their senses and sensitivity. Green aventurine will help you clear your mind and see things from a different perspective, as well as help you gather the courage to make a huge change in your life.


If you find yourself facing a dead end you can put your faith in the power of the amethyst. Place a small piece of amethyst in the area of the 3rd eye, located between your eyebrows.

Lie on your back and get comfortable. Then simply breathe deeply and listen to your inner voice.

Individuals who often suffer from various health problems must carry shungite with them. The healing properties of shungite lie in its unique ability to find the imbalance in the body and neutralize it. Furthermore, a number of studies show that it has a detoxifying effect.

Cat's Eye

Inner anxiety and the feeling of tension will disappear without a trace with the help of black tourmaline. The good news is that it's relatively inexpensive, easy to find and used to make exceptionally effective jewelry.

Citrine, which is bursting with positive energy and shines with the colors of the Sun, is recommended for all those who constantly feel tired, have no energy, a will to live and a good mood.

The root chakra of every person works well with the tiger's eye gemstone. It's recommended for those who have to move all the time or are just born travelers.

The tiger's eye will help them overcome the torturous feeling of nostalgia for their home and provide them the comforting sensation that they haven't lost the ground under their feet.



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