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Feng Shui Horoscope 2014 for the Tiger


According to the Chinese horoscope, a Tiger is anyone born in 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 and 2010. The Tiger is proud, aggressive, brave, a true leader, confident in himself, energetic and impulsive, sometimes snobbish.

The Horse is the Tiger's friend, and the Pig comes to aid in critical situations. The Monkey is conflicting for the Tiger. Luck awaits him on Thursday but not Friday.

According to the Feng Shui horoscope for 2014, the Tiger will face many negative situations. Despite that, the year will bring the Tiger completely unexpected riches. If you have old debts, they will be paid by a friend.

The Tiger will attract luck to his home if he puts up metal wind chimes that would be blown by the wind often - best if placed by a window.

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The Tiger need to take a close look at his inner circle, there are people with bad intentions around you, who want to take advantage of you. Don't let anyone lie to you because you will feel betrayed.

Throughout 2014, the Tiger feels neither great weakness, nor an influx of strength. According to the Feng Shui horoscope, you must not display unnecessary aggression while pursuing your goals. You won't achieve anything that way, best just rely on your intuition and listen to your inner voice.

In 2014, do not take unnecessary risks, only work on projects you are sure in. You will have a hard time showing patience this year, so try to be calm in critical situations related to business.


Your love life will be more boring and monotonous than last year. Dedicate more time to your family and close friends, that you've sort of abandoned in the last few months.

This year the Tiger will have periods in which he will feel like he's lacking daring and confidence, but that is simply the influence of this year. Focus your efforts so that you succeed in your tasks.

Many disputes await you at work, from which you can come out triumphant only if you don't dwell on the little details and instead concentrate on the main problems.

In 2014, do not sleep in the northeast part of your home because the influences of the energy flows will have a negative effect on your health. To protect yourself from diseases, place a jade cluster in your bedroom.

The Tiger can easily become a victim of scammers this year, so be very careful in your contacts with recent new acquaintances and friends.

A turquoise talisman will protect you from the evil intentions of certain people that you see as close. Figurines of a rooster, tiger, horse and dog will provide you with luck.

Avoid random love connections in 2014, for they may bring you trouble.