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What the Horoscope has in Store for you Today - August 4


The Moon in Virgo and retrograde Uranus in Aries are forming an aspect that will fill the day with huge surprises. But whether they'll be good or bad depends solely on your attitude.

Aries - Even though you have great plans for the future, today you might waste your energy on insignificant projects and forget about your extravagant goals. Stick to your grand dreams, without giving priority to the insignificant obstacles that get in your way today. Maintain your optimistic attitude and you'll handle the challenges.

Taurus - You'll be in a creative mood today and have a tremendous desire to express your creativity in countless ways. Only by working on more projects that allow you the freedom to set your imagination loose will you feel satisfied and calm.


Gemini - Throughout the day you can get to work on projects that have to do with training and sharing of experience. Use your inner voice to guide you, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Stick to the sure things in your life today and you won't be disappointed.

Cancer - Today you're going to feel the inpouring of ideas one after the other and experience the need to share everything that pops into your head. But it's recommended that you work on projects that will yield results quickly. Be a bit less reckless and more decisive today, in order not to miss the superb opportunities that fate is offering you.

Leo - The day is suitable for a break, so if you have serious obligations, it's best to postpone them for another day. Try to devote more of your time to relaxation and fun today. Forget about the important work, it'll still be there later anyway.

Virgo - Today you can take the first steps in a project that's important to you, one that might also be your big dream. If thus far you lacked the courage to pursue your goals, today you'll find excellent opportunities that will inspire more bravery in you and prove that fantasies can come true.


Libra - Your intuition will be high today, so if there's something you're having some doubts about, listen to your inner voice and you'll find the right way. You might find yourself surprised to discover how many opportunities for progress you've had around you that you didn't even notice.

Scorpio - Today you're going to feel the strong urge to try something new or try doing things you're familiar with in a new, unusual way. The nonstandard will attract you strongly throughout the day and if you get out of your daily routine you may solve some old problems faster.

Sagittarius - To deal with the challenges that will appear today, you're going to have to work harder than usual. Don't rely on your luck today, instead invest all of your energy into overcoming the problems. If you have to make important decisions, rely on your sobering judgment, not impulsiveness.

Capricorn - Even though there are opportunities for progress before you, you're not going to see them unless you change your thinking a bit. Forget about the standards and rules you've believed in so far, instead follow your imagination and instincts today - you'll surprise both yourself and others.

Aquarius - If you have important tasks to do today, get whatever information you can ahead of time and don't act spontaneously. Carefully collect and study the information pertaining to your tasks, to avoid making huge mistakes due to rushing. Focus on the important undertakings and don't get distracted.

Pisces - You're going to be highly emotional throughout the day and have the great desire to surround yourself with those closest to you. If there's some friends you haven't talk to in awhile, call them. Conversations with loved ones today will charge you with positive mood and inspiration.