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Trust your sixth sense

Nina NordNina Nord
Inner voice

Each of us possesses a sixth sense, but just do not always feel when we trust to it, British psychologists are convinced. This intuition gift is not selected, it is a capability that resides in everyone. You just need to know how to develop it.

In each segment of the time we receive information intuitively, without knowing it. We use intuition in all practical solutions, from what to choose for lunch to important decisions with whom to live or when to leave a job.

Children have incredible intuition, which over time grows and then as they grow into young people they do not listen to their inner voice, and the advice of his friends.

One of the reasons that we do not use our intuition is that it "speaks" another language. The images generated by intuition are sparse and abstract. People often tend to listen to their inner voice only in emotional decisions.

If you are afraid of redundancy, your internal "antenna" feels danger everywhere. Sometimes doctors unconsciously use their intuition when treating patients or a businessman in the event of significant transactions.

The most important thing to do when you feel that something is wrong, is to listen to your inner voice, but maybe you do not know how to listen to your inner voice. Your subconscious is trying to tell you that it will go wrong if you make your initial choice, but you rely on logic. Only then you understand that you are mistaken, and even later, your brain processes all information.

Then you understand why you worry, but usually it is too late. So more often trust your intuition when it comes to really important decisions and it will not go wrong.